In this article, we will give you information about Adana kebab, one of the Turkish cuisine‘s indispensable tastes. Adana kebab is a delicacy that many people love to eat, and people who try to get to know Turkish culture closely should also try it.

Many different regions in Turkey have their own kebabs. On the other hand, Adana kebab differs from other kebabs with the meat used. The meat must be from male sheep if you want to eat a real Adana kebab. When eating Adana kebab, do not forget that the production technique of this dish and the method of the master who prepared this dish is also fundamental. A few main ingredients used while preparing Adana kebab are red pepper flakes and lard. Especially tail fat is an element that gives flavor to this magnificent dish. At the same time, the side dishes served with Adana kebab are also essential. As a complement, green salads and onion salad with sumac are the best for the Adana kebab.


Introduction to Adana Kebab and its History

Adana kebab is a famous dish that can be eaten as Adana kebab skewers and Adana kebab wrap. Now let’s tell you the history of this famous dish. Adana kebab has been made in the Cukurova region since ancient times. Even some archaeological finds dating back 4000 years today show the barbecue was burned in the Cukurova region at that time, and the meat was cooked by passing a bottle. But of course, it is not possible to know the exact content of the kebab made at that time.

Adana kebab, as we know it, emerged in the second half of the 19th century in Kazancilar Bazaar, the historical bazaar of Adana. This restaurant, which is still in operation today, is known as the first place where this dish was presented to the public. Even the master who makes Adana kebab is an excellent element of taste. Although there is only one Turkish Adana kebab recipe, it has a different taste everyone makes. Every Adana kebab recipe has a factor of the kebab master who makes it.


delicious adana kebab on plate 


Key Ingredients of Adana Kebab

Adana’s kebab originating from the Cukurova region, has become the common flavor of all of Turkey. For this reason, when the best Adana kebab in Istanbul is mentioned, some restaurants make a name for themselves. But if the subject is the best Adana kebab in Toronto, Canada, for sure you can eat it in Mama Fatma.

The thing people are most curious about in this subject is the Turkish Adana kebab recipe. The main ingredients of Adana kebab are lamb meat, lamb tail fat, paprika, and salt. Apart from these, any spice is not added to this dish. Nowadays, only some people make this flavor with lamb. Since some people do not like lamb, they especially search for Adana kebab recipe beef. Although lamb meat is used in the original, you can get a similar taste in the Adana kebab recipe beef, as the only difference is beef.


The Art of Making Adana Kebab & How to Cook

How to make Adana kebab and what Adana kebab is made of are questions we receive from people who like to spend time in the kitchen. But Adana kebab is something you should eat from its master. Now there is Adana’s kebab house all over the world. For this reason, even if you cannot come to Turkey, you can find a good kebab restaurant with the best Adana kebab near me search.

But let’s talk about how to make Adana kebab for enthusiasts. First, the fat in the meat is separated from the nerves, veins, and membranes. Then resting these pieces of meat for a day will help you to cook a more delicious Adana kebab. This meat is then cut into tiny pieces with a sharp knife. With this shredded meat, tail fat, which is divided into small pieces, is kneaded in the same way. Then add red pepper flakes and salt. And the kneading process continues. This mixture is the main element of Adana kebab. The meat is then bottled. While serving, you can serve it between lavash or with skewers. It is entirely up to you whether you will eat this amazing flavor as Adana kebab skewers or as Adana kebab wrap.


adana kebab with bulgur


Enjoying Adana Kebab

Let us give a few tricks to those who want to enjoy Adana kebab. You know that every culture has some customs while eating. This also applies to Adana kebab. Let us say you are in Toronto, and you did a search for the best Adana kebab in Toronto. You learned the prices of Adana kebab in the restaurant you found. You have read many articles about the Adana kebab recipe. But even if you have done all these, you still need to learn how to eat at Adana’s kebab house. Let’s explain.


  • How to Serve Adana Kebab

 Adana kebab is served with local salads and cold appetizers. At the same time, roasted tomatoes and peppers are among the indispensables of Adana kebab. A plate of greens with mint, parsley, ornamental pepper, and lemon will also add flavor to the Adana kebab.


  • The Best Drinks to Pair with Adana Kebab

It is not recommended to consume acidic beverages with kebab. If you want to know this culture better, we recommend drinking turnips or ayran with your kebab.


  • How To Eat Adana Kebab?

How you eat Adana kebab depends on the way it is served. But in any case, it will be beneficial to eat seasonal greens and appetizers while eating kebab.


adana kebab with bulgur on table


Calories in Adana Kebab

 If you have looked at the Turkish Adana kebab recipe, you will see that this wonderful taste is less calorie dense than you think. It contains natural oils. Greens are also served on the side. If you drink ayran or turnip with it, you will consume a low-calorie meal.