Who says no to a healthy and refreshing drink on a hot day? So, what is this healthy, delicious, and refreshing drink? Of course, the famous drink of Anatolia is ayran. Ayran drink is indispensable for many people. Obtained from Turkey’s famous food, yogurt, this beverage is, of course, easily available in many countries. What is ayran? What are the benefits of drinking ayran? Is ayran drink healthy? What does ayran mean? In this article, we will bring together many questions and answers.

Ayran benefits may not be counted. But we will try to give you as much information as possible in this article. We will even give you the ayran recipe. Thus, you will be able to make ayran yogurt drink at home.

Introduction to Ayran

Now, let’s tell you about ayran yogurt drink with its basic features. First, let us answer the question of what ayran is. Ayran is a beverage consisting of three ingredients; yogurt, water, and salt. This drink is a famous drink of Turkey. Ayran is a beverage that you can find as “ayran yogurt” in many countries. Of course, the reason why it is called ayran yogurt in foreign countries is that it is made from yogurt, as you can understand.

First, let us tell you the ayran name meaning. Ayran meaning is a drink made by diluting and shaking yogurt. If you search the ayran name meaning, you will see that this name is mentioned in Divan-i Lugat-it Türk, one of the old Turkish works written in 1071. Thus, you will understand that this beverage existed long before Turkish history.

Ayran drink is also consumed in many ways. Plain soda and ayran are something that many people love. It is even claimed that drinking ayran soda has some benefits. Many people drink ayran soda while dieting. If you already do research on ayran for weight loss, you will see that ayran is consumed in many ways and in this way with diets. Ayran for weight loss has made many people lose weight.

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Ingredients and Preparation

Now let us tell you the ayran recipe. We can say that there are 2 methods of preparing ayran.  The first of these is to make ayran by shaking, adding 1 glass of yogurt, 1 and a half glasses of water, and some salt into a jar. Then close the lid of the jar and shake it for about 5 minutes. Your ayran will be ready. Another method is a very popular one. In this method, the drink is obtained by mixing. The ayran obtained in this method is quite foamy and many people prefer to make ayran this way.

Health Benefits of Ayran

The benefits of drinking ayran make this delicious beverage much more delicious. Ayran benefits may not be counted, but let’s discuss its prominent benefits. Thus, we answer the question of if the ayran drink is healthy. First, let us talk about a misunderstanding. Ayran lactose is something that confuses many people. For people with lactose intolerance, the issue of ayran lactose keeps them away from drinking ayran. However, in many sources, it is written that people with lactose sensitivity can consume this wonderful drink without fear.

One of the benefits of drinking ayran is that it keeps you full for a long time. Maybe, therefore, people can easily consume ayran while dieting. In addition, ayran is a beverage that stands out as it balances blood pressure.

Ayran can also play a big role in renewing cells, strengthening bones, and supporting the development of the mind. In addition, many people with sleep problems consume ayran when they cannot sleep. Because ayran also has a sleep-regulating effect. When we consider all these, of course, we can easily understand why ayran is such a popular beverage.

Drinking Culture: How to Drink Ayran?

Now let us tell you how to drink this fantastic drink. Ayran is a beverage that stands out with its refreshing effect. For this reason, it is often preferred alongside heavy meals. Because it easily erases the taste left by heavy meals in your mouth. By adding mint leaves and ice to it, you can consume it frequently in the summer season. It is helpful to say that it will be a very healthy choice with the prevention of fluid and mineral loss in hot weather. Ayran is not only consumed with heavy meals. In fact, it goes well with almost any meal. We can’t help but say that it goes very well with meat dishes.

Variations of Ayran

Now let’s talk about the variations of ayran. This beverage is also a popular beverage in the Middle East. It is not surprising that this beverage, which is consumed in such a wide geography, is of course known by different names. In the Middle East, you can hear ayran with the name “laban”. Let us tell you this with our ayran vs laban comparison. In fact, laban is a beverage made from yogurt and water in the Middle East. However, it is also seen that it is made from milk in some regions in the Middle East. Therefore, when we say ayran vs laban, a distinction emerges.

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Serving and Pairing

If you order ayran, they most probably offer you two options. One of them is open ayran and the other is closed ayran. Open ayran is served in a copper glass. And the fact that it has a lot of foam on it is not something that will go unnoticed. This is the ayran usually prepared at that restaurant. Closed ayran, on the other hand, is ready-made ayran purchased from ayran brands. Elegant ayran is one of the prominent ayran brands. And if you don’t live in Turkey and want to try ayran, you can choose elegant ayran.

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