Eskisehir, a tiny city in Anatolia, is well-known for its active student community and the old Ottoman-style homes in Odunpazar. It is also well-known for its fried half-moon meat pies. In Istanbul, there are a lot of good ciborek restaurants serving the traditional meat and onion variety; however, the fresh cheese variation is less popular.

At all times of the day, whenever we are hungry, from breakfast to tea time, there are flavor secrets that we need to learn in order to prepare raw pastries that can save us. If you want the delectable raw pastries, also known as ciborek, puffy, to be crispy, and at the same time not take too much oil, it’s time to learn the secrets of producing raw pastry. Mama Fatma is number 1 in bringing these flavor secrets to your table. Take advantage of the opportunity to make a reservation by calling.

What Is Ciborek?

Thin layers of dough are used to make Turkish Ciborek, a savory pastry that is full of a variety of fillings and baked until crisp and golden brown. It is a well-liked appetizer or snack in Turkish cuisine and comes in a variety of forms.

Ciborek has a pleasing flavor and a flaky, delicate feel that is satisfyingly crispy. The filling is often savory and filling, while the layers of bread are buttery and crisp. Cheese, ground beef, veggies, and herbs are a few typical fillings. The flavorful filling and buttery crust come together to make a tasty and hearty snack that will satisfy all of your cravings. In ciborek recipes, the stuffing is made with minced meat and is added raw before being fried in oil to cook it. Raw pastry with no added fat has 415 calories per serving.



To pay Dough:

  • 1/2 cup water and 1/2 cup flour
  • 1/2 tsp vinegar
  • 12 teaspoon of salt
  • 14 kg of beef mince for stuffing
  • 13 grated onion
  • 2 tablespoons of water
  • Salt

Pepper to be fried in vegetable oil. As was specified in the ingredients section, you need to mix some water with the minced beef. Your Ciborek will be cooked with this water to ensure that the inside remains juicy while the outside becomes crispy. Additionally, it stops the ground beef from congregating and clumping in one area of the crust during cooking.

How To Make Ciborek?

For the stuffing, combine all the ingredients in a tiny container, cover it, and refrigerate it for at least an hour. To make the dough, combine all of the ingredients in a bowl and knead it by hand or in a stand mixer fitted with a hook connection until the dough is smooth and elastic. The dough should be divided into 8 equal pieces, rolled into circles by hand, and covered to prevent drying out. The dough balls should be rolled out with a rolling pin until they are 20 cm (8 inches) in diameter. In one side of the circular, distribute the stuffing. Give the edges some room. Overlap the stuffing with the dough’s blank side.

To make the edges adhere to one another, gently press on them with your fingers. You can use a pizza cutter to trim the edges. Heat the vegetable oil in a big, shallow pan after pouring it in. For shallow frying, add a bit extra oil than usual; frying in excess is not recommended. Two Ciboreks should be placed in the hot oil and fried for about 3 minutes total, rotating occasionally, until golden. Put the fried Ciboreks on a platter covered with paper towels to absorb extra oil. Serve warm.

We made the original dish using minced meat for this recipe. However, you may also experiment with your boreks by stuffing them with stuffing made from various components, including as potatoes, cheese, and spinach, to suit your tastes. If you think the dough is too firm, do not add more water; otherwise, the dough’s consistency will change, and you won’t attain the desired crispiness. The pastry dough should be a little bit firm because that is one of the most crucial tips while making Ciborek.


How To Serve Ciborek?

This water turns into steam and gets trapped inside when it is cooked quickly. Up until the baguette is manually opened, it is still steaming. The aromatic ciborek are great when you’re hungry at every meal of the day, from breakfast to tea time. Ciborek is typically served with frothy buttermilk or tea.

Ciborek tastes best when it is hot and fresh, so eat it as soon as it comes out of the fryer as possible. Because the raw pastry will start to lose its fluffiness as it becomes cold, gradually deflate, and lose its crispness.

Make sure your Ciborek are not too thick or too thin when you roll them out. Since it won’t be crispy, crunchy, or cooked to its maximum consistency if it remains thick. When fried, dough that is overly thin may crumble. With your fingers, evenly distribute the minced meat over only one-half of the spherical dough. Because your filling is a little juicy, you will notice that it spreads out readily. Form a half-moon shape on top of the last half of the dough.


How To Store Ciborek?

It should be folded in half and the edges pressed together with a fork. As a result, there won’t be any gaps or cracks while cooking. Then arrange them opposite one another on a dish and chill them first. After that, put the ingredients in freezer bags and keep them there. Although it depends on the filling you use, you can store cooked pastries for an average of 2 months in the freezer and uncooked ones for around a year under the correct circumstances. The waiting period will be longer as long as you avoid using raw eggs, meat, or meat products when making the pastry that will be placed in the freezer.

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