Turkish delicacy called cold baklava has gained a lot of popularity in Turkey during the past three years. Because its history is only three years old, cold baklava has been a popular dessert for three years. Do you want to know what makes cold baklava different from ordinary baklava? Pistachios abound in the chilled baklava dessert. It is offered chilled. Baklava with sherbet is served cold. Pouring the hot baklava over the milk and sugar sherbet results in a distinctive cold baklava dessert. At Mama Fatma, you can taste the taste of baklava as well as try cold baklava in its most delicious form. All you have to do is choose the dessert you want from the à la carte menu and make a reservation. Be sure to make a reservation.

What Is Cold Baklava?

It is a novel flavor that has captured the affection of individuals who like milky desserts over cold baklava pastry treats. In order to make cold baklava, roughly 40 layers of phyllo dough are used. The local supply of raw materials is carefully chosen. A maestro of baklava from Diyarbakir is the creator of Cold Baklava. He eventually finds this recipe while attempting to create a light baklava. Cold baklava has less sherbet, milk, and chocolate than regular baklava. An extremely wonderful Turkish dessert is cold baklava. Forget any baklava recipe you have ever encountered. This is scrumptious, healthy, and simple.

cold baklava-2


  • Phyllo dough pack 800g
  • Butter, 150 grams
  • 12 cup of oil

To make the sherbet:

  • Sugar, two cups
  • one water glass
  • two milk glasses

When filling:

  • 1 dish of pistachios with a coarse grind If you like, you can also use walnuts or hazelnuts.

For the highest:

  • Cocoa, 2 tablespoons
  • 1 tablespoon of milk powder

How To Make Cold Baklava?

Your dessert’s syrup should be made first. Take the water and sugar for this and bring to a boil in a pot. Remove from heat five minutes after boiling, then allow to cool. Next, heat your butter in a tiny saucepan or other container. Take the froth that forms on your butter with the aid of a spoon as it melts. Remove the pan from the heat once the oil has melted, then stir in the liquid oil. Place the baking plate on the edge of your phyllo dough and cut all the surrounding way with a knife. A 27 centimeter little round glass tray will do.

Then you may sandwich them together using the components that are on the circular dough’s edges. To prevent your phyllo doughs from drying out at this point, place them between a clean, moist cover. Divide your round doughs into equal portions for the top and bottom. Use a brush to cover the entire base of your oven sheet with 1 tablespoon of your oil mixture.

Place 1 complete dough, then. Some of the pieces’ leaves should be placed on the margins. Add one more tablespoon of oil. Reposition your spherical dough. A teaspoon of oil is next added, followed by a piece of dough. Place the remaining dough on the top two layers of the tray, arranging the remaining half of the dough in this manner. The baklava filling is then put in place. Pistachios, hazelnuts, or walnuts may be used as coarsely ground nuts. At this point, leave your oven on a fan-free mode to heat up to 170 ° C. Pour oil in between each layer of dough as you continue to layer the peanuts and dough on top of one another.

Apply oil and use a knife to trim any dough that sticks out from the edge after it has been placed. Your baklava can be cut to any desired size. Bake your baklava at 170 degrees Celsius for as long as it takes for the top and bottom to color nicely. Approximately 70 minutes may pass. According to the oven, this time will vary, so don’t rush it and wait for it to cook thoroughly. Add the milk for your sherbet, whisk, and let it settle while the baklava cooks.

When the first heat appears, remove the fried baklava from the heated oven and let it sit for 10 minutes. Sherbet should be poured over the entire cooled baklava. To allow the sherbet to absorb, let it sit for an hour.

Cold Baklava

How To Serve Cold Baklava?

Now is the moment to embellish your baklava. Cocoa and milk powder can be combined to create a soft consistency. Then, using a strainer, pour this mixture over the baklava. You should be able to eat our chilled baklava now. It can be served with chocolate shavings and powdered peanuts on top. Powdered milk is added to soften the strong chocolate flavor; sugar can be substituted if you choose.

On sweltering summer days, it also offers a cooling and refreshing effect. It is therefore more well-liked than regular baklava, particularly in the spring and summer. Of course, we are even better at making cold baklava recipe. We provide variants in chocolate and white chocolate, for instance.

Cold Baklava

How To Store Cold Baklava?

The refrigerator is the ideal place to keep cold baklava safe and protected. You may keep baklava in this refrigerator-style cabinet for a longer period of time. Cold baklava should be consumed in sufficient amounts because it is a perishable food.

After baking your baklava in the summer, immediately place it in the refrigerator to cool. This allows them to cool before subjecting them to conditions at ambient temperature. Baklava shouldn’t be kept at room temperature for longer than five days. Put the baklava you have made into an airtight container. Avoid ceramic containers since they allow air inside and can hasten aging.

Is Baklava Eaten Hot Or Cold?

In cold baklava recipe, milk replaces sherbet as the sweetener of choice. Turkish cuisine gave rise to the dessert known as baklava. Usually, baklava is consumed at room temperature. The most popular dessert in Turkey, baklava, is now eaten cold.

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