Have you ever tried a tomato kebab made with lamb and tomatoes grilled on a grill? Our customers are given tomato kebabs with lots of onions, warm mash, parsley, and lavash. This is a traditional meal offered at Turkish kebab shops, where it is frequently presented in a dish with a copper lid shaped like a dome, similar to those originally found at the sultan’s palace. We serve it on a big, circular clay dish that is oven-warmable.

This spectacle has several layers. At the base is toasted pita bread, and on top comes kebab in tomato sauce. Yogurt is drizzled on top, and fried pine nuts are scattered on top of it. On top are grilled shish kebabs, minced beef kebabs, or both. It needs to be organized and put together quickly since the pita needs to stay a little crisp. The yogurt should be at room temperature, but the tomato sauce, beef, and meatballs should all be extremely hot. You can use any kind of meat you want for tomato kebab.

Fire Up the Grill for This Flavor-Packed Tomato Kebab Recipe A Favorite You Won't Want to Miss 4

Tomato Kebab Ingredients

The tomato kebab contains a sizable number of ingredients. It is an easy kebab with juicy meat and useful oils that is excellent for eating at any time of day, with the exception of breakfast.


  • Olive oil, 1 tbsp.
  • fresh juice of lime or vinegar, two tablespoons
  • a serving of soy kebab in tomato sauce
  • 2 tablespoons freshly chopped cilantro or parsley
  • Crushed fresh ground pepper, salt to taste, and one clove of garlic

Vegetables and meats:

  • Lean beef tenderloin, 1 lb.
  • 1-gallon red onion
  • button mushrooms, 8 ounces
  • 1 large whole tomato or 8 cherry tomatoes
  • two green peppers

How To Make the Best Tomato Kebab?

Tenderloin should be cut into 1-inch-square pieces. To fit on a skewer and loosely wrap around the following item, quarter an onion and separate the curved parts. Divide a bell pepper into four parts, then cut each section into pieces that are each no more than an inch square and easily fit onto a skewer. Cut a large whole tomato into 8 slices if you are using it in place of cherry tomatoes.

Starting with the meat, alternately add the onion, pepper, mushroom, tomato, and other toppings, leaving a little space between each. Leave the mushrooms whole and skewer them through the top and the base. To ensure that the tomato stays on the skewer as the kebabs cook, choose firm sections of the tomato.

The grill should be preheated to medium. When you are ready to grill, arrange the sticks on the grill grate, spacing them 1 to 2 inches apart. Cook the kebabs for a few minutes on each side while coating them with any residual marinade and rotating them 2 to 3 times to finish cooking all sides. Serve skewers with the limes, lavash, and a sprinkle of sumac.

Fire Up the Grill for This Flavor-Packed Tomato Kebab Recipe A Favorite You Won't Want to Miss 3

How To Store Tomato Kebab?

Tomato kebabs can risk customers’ food safety if they aren’t prepared hygienically because some of the components might foster the rapid growth of disease-causing germs. Temperature regulation; When not used, frozen kebab beef should remain frozen. If you’re cooking your own kebabs, store the fresh minced meat in the fridge until you are ready to use it. While the kebab meat is setting, refrigerate it. Before cooking, defrost frozen kebab meat under the fridge.

Between 5°C and 60°C, microorganisms that cause food poisoning can develop. The “temperature danger zone” is what people usually call this. Serve food hot and boiling hot, and keep cold food in the refrigerator until you are ready to cook or serve it. Foods shouldn’t be left in the danger zone for more than two hours.

Aim for fully cooked meat held at or above 60°C until serving. If there is any uncooked kebab meat from the previous day that was not immediately frozen after cooking, use a thermometer to verify temperatures. This ensures that kebab meat is quickly chilled to less than 21°C in less than two hours and to five degrees Celsius or less in under four hours—separate raw and cooked foods to prevent cross-contamination. Before preparing meals and after handling raw meat, particularly chicken and other raw foods, please wash your hands well in hot, soapy water and dry them.

Store seafood, raw meat, and chicken at the bottom of the refrigerator so they can’t drip onto other items. Thoroughly clean all tools, equipment, surfaces, and tea towels after cooking raw food and before contact with other foods. Keep animals and pets away from the kitchen.

Fire Up the Grill for This Flavor-Packed Tomato Kebab Recipe A Favorite You Won't Want to Miss 4

What Kind Of Tomato Should I Use?

In the 10 minutes, it takes to roast a hog, cherry tomatoes, which only take two minutes to cook, will be overcooked. So that your guests can combine each dish on their plates after pulling it from the skewer, each course should be presented on a separate skewer.

Lamb is grilled in a broiler and presented with roasted tomatoes in a tomato kebab. You can taste the tomato’s tartness and feel the lamb’s tenderness. The kebab table should always have snacks. Along with sumac, onion, parsley, and bitter crushed pepper, tomato kebab is served. In addition, we have a huge selection of greens and hamlets. You can digest your pets by sipping an ice-cold ayran and a soda in addition to this delightful flavor. The open deer has a highly ambitious flavor profile and is very frothy.

We recommend you eat at Mama Fatma to see the best form of kebab. We appeal to many people’s taste with dozens of kebab recipes unique to Turkish cuisine. We are sure that you will love the tomato kebab too. If you wish, you can call us with the la carte reservations option, reserve your place in advance, and tell us which kebab you want.