Are you prepared to enjoy and properly make the brown milk dessert Kazandibi? The majority of Turkish restaurants and buffets serve kazandibi. The tastiest milk desserts can be found at a number of renowned chain restaurants. Lovers of Turkish pudding throng to these cafés at all hours of the day and well in the evening for a hot cup of Turkish tea or coffee and their preferred dessert.

What Is Kazandibi?

Turkish desserts like kazandibi, a sort of caramelized milk pudding, are delicious. It was created in the cooks of the Ottoman Palace and is currently one of the most well-liked desserts in Turkey. Kazandibi recipe actually refers to the chicken breast pudding that cooked while clinging to the pan’s bottom and sides. The darkest side of the overcooked pudding is folded up when it is divided into portions and rolled up after being scraped off in long, wide strips.



Only a few ingredients are required to make this straightforward yet tasty custard treat.

  • 7 glass of water, milk
  • one cup of tea rice flour
  • wheat starch, one tea cup
  • 5 water glasses of sugar, granular: We make use of granulated sugar or caster sugar. Adapt the dosage to your preferences.
  • one vanilla package
  • 1-tbsp. of butter
  • Sugar, four tablespoons, powder

How To Make Kazandibi?

Start by following the directions for the chicken breast dessert dish. You must caramelize one side of the pudding to make it darker after it has done cooking, but before you put it in the refrigerator. To achieve this, coat the bottom of your small heatproof metal pan with 5 to 6 teaspoons of powdered sugar. Pour the warm chicken breast pudding evenly over the powdered sugar while it is still warm, allowing it to spread to the pan’s edges. Use the back of a wooden spoon to assist spread it out gently; don’t be too pushy, or you will disturb the thin layer of sugar underneath.

Light a medium flame on your stove’s biggest burner, then set your pan over it. Rotate the pan frequently while wearing an oven mitt to ensure that all surfaces receive an equal amount of heat. Till the sugar caramelizes and the bottom of the dish turns a rich, golden brown, keep moving the pan around. By slowly raising the corners, you can see how far it has come. Pull the pan from the heat after you are happy with the color. Put it on the larger, longer, rectangular tray that has ice and water in it. Allow it to cool.

Refrigerate the dessert overnight after allowing it to come to room temperature. The kazandibi recipe can be cut into squares or made into longer strips, which you can then gently roll as you place them on the serving plate.

You should use a heat-resistant tray or pan to get ready the burnt pudding. It will be possible to quickly inspect the bottom by using a pyrex. To evenly caramelize the food without burning it, you should move the tray or pan around continuously. If there are any blemishes, a little bit of brown will do, and you can always add some cinnamon powder on top. It will still be scrumptious.


How To Serve Kazandibi?

The Turkish kazandibi dessert, and this you can roll, can alternatively be cut into square slices and served that way. To the serving plates, you can optionally add a scoop of ordinary ice cream. Serve your kazandibi keeping the dark side up at all times. You can add grated coconut, ground pistachio or hazelnuts, cinnamon, or other ingredients to your kazandibi as a garnish. Kazandibi pudding can be made a few days in advance and portioned right before serving.

How To Store Kazandibi?

For milk sweets, the freezer is not the greatest solution. Because they become watery and have a horrible taste and stability in terms of texture and consistency after being kept in the freezer, when you want to take it out and serve them. Because of this, you should preserve them as much as you can in the refrigerator and eat them as soon as you can (within three days). Milk can have harmful effects since it is a food ingredient that, if improperly stored, can lead to a rapid growth of bacteria. When stored in the refrigerator in an airtight container, the leftovers could last up to five days.

What Is Kazandibi Made Of?

Traditional Turkish kazandibi is a pudding made with chicken breast, buffalo milk, sugar, rice flour, and occasionally mastic. Turkish cuisine uses the aromatic component mastic in its ice cream, pastries, coffee, and puddings. Since the Middle Ages, it has been used as medicine, since it is the ideal antiseptic. It comes from mastic trees that thrive in the Aegean region.


What Is Kazandibi In English?

Kazandibi, which means “bottom of the kazan or cauldron” in Turkish. To taste Kazandibini in its original form in the most delicious way, all you have to do is make a reservation with Mama Fatma. Mama Fatma, who offers you every dish of Turkish cuisine in its most delicious form, also creates wonders for Kazandibi dessert. Make a reservation by calling us before coming, and be sure to try the Kazandibi from our à la carte menu.

Is Kazandibi Made Of Chicken?

Typically, chicken breast is used to make kandibi. Similar like crème brûlée or caramel milk pudding, this delectable Turkish dish is called burnt milk pudding. According to legend, the bottom and corners of this pudding would get virtually charred when cooked in a pot over an open flame. However, there are also vegan kazandibi recipes. There are recipes made without chicken. The taste of vegan kazandibi is not much different.

What Does Kazandibi Taste Like?

In addition to having the freshness of a pudding, Kazandibi is richer than conventional pudding, almost custard-like, and has an excellent earthy, caramel-like flavor. This classic Turkish dish becomes more silky and creamy when double cream is added.

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