One of the few seasonal and well-liked dishes in Gaziantep cuisine is loquat kebab. Although it is typically grilled by passing bottles, oven cooking is also common, especially at home. Instead of placing the meatballs in the yeni dunya, you can arrange it on a skewer so that it resembles a bottle, a loquat, and a ball of meatballs.

The approach of spring is signaled by the maltese plum, commonly known as the loquat. It is a fruit with seeds, juicy texture, and high vitamin A content. A common local dish in many regions of Anatolia is loquat kebab, which is made with meatballs made from a mixture of ground lamb and beef. As an example of the kebab variety at Mama Fatma, we can offer you loquat kebab. Call us and make a reservation to try this flavor.

What Is Loquat Kebab?

The Loquat kebab is a meal that is both incredibly easy to make and highly appealing to the eye when it is served. Due to seasonal limitations, it is not a meal that can be prepared consistently, but it can be prepared a few times during the season and given increased prominence in loquat cuisine. Even if you visit a reputable kebab shop on such a day during this season, the loquat kebab can be recommended as a particular dish.



  • 100 grams of loquat
  • 1 kilogram of fattening ground beef
  • Salt
  • Black pepper, 1 teaspoon
  • Oil, half a teaspoon, for the aforementioned
  • two whole tomatoes
  • Onion, green pepper

How To Make Loquat Kebab?

Remove the cores and divide the loquat in half so that the ends don’t entirely break off. Ground beef, salt, and pepper should be thoroughly mixed in a basin. Place each of the 12 equal bits of minced beef in a ball in the center of a loquat. In a baking dish, arrange loquats. They should be baked until golden brown in an oven that has been prepared to 190 degrees.

You can use lamb or beef ground meat. However, since the recipe only calls for salt and pepper and no additional oil, lamb mince, which is more fragrant, aromatic, and fatty, is preferable. Similar to how the loquat’s acidity and the aroma of lamb flesh combine to form both a contrast and a unification. You can better grasp what we mean if you’ve ever consumed a stuffed leaf wrap with sour cherry or plum. If you prefer beef to lamb, though, you can use a blend of half-and-half. You can substitute ground beef if you choose. To follow the technique, one cannot put their taste buds on the back burner. Make sure to use fresh, undamaged, and firm plums when making the kebab. Remove the basic components with care.

How To Serve Loquat Kebab?

If desired, you can add fresh and dried spices with a variety of flavors and aromas to the meatball mortar. To give your food a different aroma and smell, you can optionally add some dried basil and zahter. You will adore yeni dunya kebab if you enjoy recipes that combine fruit and meat. We are not sugar addicts. However, the sweet-savory mix found in so many Middle Eastern cuisines, as well as those from southern and eastern Mediterranean nations truly appeals to us. A genuine seasonal treat, Yeni Dunya Kebab is absolutely worth the effort. You have two options: either make skewers with alternate the lamb meatballs with loquat, like we’re doing in this recipe, or bake it in the oven in a casserole. These would be ideal for the grill.


How To Store Loquat Kebab?

Following the selection of the food for our deep freezer, we can perform the freezing procedure and select an appropriate storage container for it. We will favor freezer-safe storage containers and bags for this. We advise against using glass bottles and cans. When stored at 2–3 degrees, loquats quickly go bad. It promotes the health of bones. Because of the calories, excessive ingestion is bad and should be avoided. It can be consumed as food as well as utilized as a fruit.

It can be used to flavor yogurt. The intestines’ work can be expedited by drinking water concurrently with the loquat. Particularly in the province of Gaziantep, it is utilized in food. Loquat kebab is a delightful combination of sweet and savory flavors. You can ingest dried loquat seeds. The dried beans are used to make tea. Tea made from loquats promotes healthy digestion and glowing skin.

What Are Loquats Called In Turkish?

They go by the names “biwa” in Japan and “pipa” in China, respectively. Both “nspero” in Spanish-speaking nations and “plum” in Turkish are terms used to describe them. This fruit is used in a variety of dishes because of its adaptability and pleasant flavor, or from a greater distance, perhaps the loquat. The loquat fruit is sweet and tasty. If you do come across them in the marketplaces, look for labels like these:

  • New World – Yeni Dunya
  • Maltese Plum, Malta Erigi
  • Musmula is technically a distinct fruit than loquats; it is a medlar. However, you may occasionally see loquats labeled as musmula. On the markets, it is exactly the same. Names of places.


Can You Eat The Skin Of A Loquat Fruit?

Loquat fruit can be consumed whole, skin and all, much like a pear or an apple. Simply toss the few large seeds in the center. The skin may be easily peeled off and thrown away if you don’t like it. The rutin class of plant phenol antioxidants, which have anti-allergic as well as anti-inflammatory activities, is present in loquat. Loquat fruit benefits; helps to eliminate acne, scars, and dark spots on the skin, restoring the face’s youthful vibrancy and softness. They are at their ripest and most delicious when they are plump and juicy. They could loquat fruit benefits appear a little damaged and bruised in the marketplaces because they are fairly delicate, but don’t let that deter you. Likewise, they are healthy inside. Still sweet and delectable.

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