Turkish cuisine has a huge variety of bread goods. Therefore, it is well known that the regional cuisine has a variety of ingredients, including kadayif and baklava. The Turkish delicacy known as kadayif, which is the plural form of the Arabic word for velvet, has been prepared in many different civilizations up to this point and has become a staple. It contains a lot of different vitamins, minerals, and healthy plant chemicals. It naturally contains a lot of antioxidants that help shield your body from conditions like heart disease and cancer, as well as aging.

What Is Kadayif?

An equally well-known Turkish dessert as baklava is kadayif. Kadayif was found and invented sometime between the Seljuk era and the present, depending on who you ask. Some Anatolian Principalities are known to also produce the dessert kadayif. Another product created from kadayif is kunefe, however this one includes melted, unsalted cheese. There are nuts like walnuts, hazelnuts, and pistachios in the Kadayif dessert.

To create kadayif crispy, stringy, and delectable, follow these techniques. You must wait just a few minutes before pouring sherbet, since doing so will prevent it from happening. It’s crucial that the bottom and top of the dish cook at the same rate. Therefore, you will get a more uniform kadayif if you flip the kadayif over and cook it for an extra 10 minutes.

What Is Pistachio?

The pistachio seed and tree of this fruit are called pistachios, an edible fruit with a shell that belongs to the same family as gum trees. In some places, it is also called Damascus pistachio. It has an oily, thin shell and grows on pistachio trees. Pistachio is employed in the culinary and confectionery industries.

What Is Pistachio Kadayif?

Pistachio Kadayif recipe is the most popular and consumed version of kadayif. Pistachio has a very important place in Turkish cuisine. You can find it in its most delicious form at Mama Fatma. For those who love pistachios, the sweet version of this nut will be a taste they will love. If we need to give an example of pistachio benefits, we can talk about its antioxidant properties. The nuts that contain the highest levels of zeaxanthin and lutein, two antioxidants that are crucial for eye health, are pistachios.


To Kadayif:

  • 500 gram tel kadayif
  • 3 huge drawn pistachios in water glasses
  • 300 grams of butter

To make the sherbet:

  • 4 cups of sugar, granulated
  • 6 cups of water
  • Juice from 2 teaspoons of lemon

Regarding the aforementioned:

  • 3 teaspoons of pistachio powder

How To Make Pistachio Kadayif?

Prepare our sherbet in the first stage. Add the juice of a half of a freshly squeezed lemon to the pot after adding the water and sugar, and then boil, simmer, and put aside. Turn the oven’s temperature to 180. Half a kilogram of kadayif should be placed in a bowl along with some melted butter, which should be distributed equally. 250 grams of kadayif should be equally distributed throughout the tray. Firm it by applying light pressure with your hand. Add pistachios to the kadayif. Put the remaining 250 grams of kadayif over the nuts next, then gently press down without breaking it. Bake the tray in the already heated oven for about forty minutes at 180 degrees. You can retain the kadayifs for 5 minutes or less, depending on their hue. Using the lowest portions of the oven is one of the secrets of preparing kadayif. The bottom portion is challenging to cook, therefore this technique is crucial. Keep the kadayif apart for 3 minutes after it has been removed from the oven to allow the first heat to dissipate.

Pour the room-temperature sherbet evenly and slowly over the kadayif. The kadayif will no longer be crispy if the syrup is too hot. The syrup may not absorb for a few hours. After two to three hours, you can enjoy it. When cutting kadayif at home, you are able to divide it into triangles, even though it usually comes in square form.

How To Serve Pistachio Kadayif?

Kadayif Turkish is usually served with ice cream. After a nice Ramadan menu, it is enjoyed in the dessert section. Tea is preferred as a beverage. Lentil soup prepared with red lentils, carrots, corn and lemon, along with a nice vegetable dish with olive oil and baked chicken will be a very delicious menu. Afterward, kadayif with pistachios crowns this beautiful menu.

How To Store Pistachio Kadayif?

It should be used fresh, just like other dumplings. However, compared to other dumplings, the wait time can be a little bit longer. After frying, kadayf can be cooled without being covered with syrup and put in freezer-safe containers for storage. Around ten days pass while the food is sitting in the refrigerator.

Other Turkish Desserts At Mama Fatma

Dessert is typically served as the final course after a main course in many culinary cultures. As a result, it provides a finishing touch with its flavor and guarantees a satisfying conclusion to the entire meal. Turkish food stands out among the nations that value desserts highly among international cuisines. Turkish cuisine is a well-known example of other cultures in the world due to its diversified richness, adaptability to people’s tastes, and variety of meals, both in terms of flavor and healthy, balanced nutrition. Turkish food, a significant component of Turkish culture and one among the few cuisines with a truly global appeal, has historical and contemporary cultural significance. Mama Fatma is a restaurant with a wide range of dishes that include all the flavors of Turkish cuisine. In this context, when you examine Mama Fatma’s à la carte menu, you will see many varieties of unique desserts of Turkish cuisine in the dessert section.

Among the sherbet desserts, you should definitely try baklava, kadayif Turkish, Cypriot dessert and kunefe. Among the milk desserts, rice pudding and semolina dessert bear traces of Turkish culture. Mama Fatma also includes desserts that are frequently consumed around the world, such as trilece and profiteroles, in her kitchen.

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