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A thin crust topped with a blend of ground beef, tomatoes, onions, parsley, black pepper and paprika


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How near is this delicious GROUND BEEF PIDE? Craving for Mamafatma's exquisite GROUND BEEF PIDE You're closer than you think! Find us at 10385 Weston Rd Unit 7B, Vaughan, ON L4H 3T4. For reservations and more information, feel free to call us at +1 (905) 832-6868. A delightful experience awaits you! Click to learn more about GROUND BEEF PIDE Exploring the culinary wonders of Ground Beef Pide unveils a world of aromatic spices, tender meat, and crispy crust, all coming together in perfect harmony. Whether enjoyed as a quick snack or a hearty meal, Ground Beef Pide offers a delicious taste of Turkish cuisine that's sure to leave a lasting impression on your palate. What goes well with GROUND BEEF PIDE Ground Beef Pide, a cherished dish in Turkish cuisine, offers a symphony of flavors that tantalize the taste buds. Pairing Ground Beef Pide with Ayran and Shepherd's Salad creates a harmonious balance of flavors and textures, allowing you to savor every bite of this delicious Turkish dish. Indulge in this culinary experience and treat yourself to a memorable dining adventure! Delivery Time for GROUND BEEF PIDE Craving GROUND BEEF PIDE but can't make it to us? No problem! We deliver! Expect your delicious meal to arrive within 30-45 minutes in the Toronto City. For other specific areas, please allow a little more time for your culinary delight to reach you. What is the Difference Between Ground Beef Pide and Lahmacun? While both Ground Beef Pide and Lahmacun are beloved staples of Turkish cuisine, they differ in their presentation and ingredients; Ground Beef Pide features a boat-shaped flatbread topped with seasoned ground beef, while Lahmacun consists of a thin, round dough topped with a spiced mixture of minced meat, onions, tomatoes, and herbs, resembling a Turkish pizza.


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