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Poached tiny beef dumplings served on top of garlic yogurt sauce topped with Turkish herbs


Pooched beef dumplings served on top of garlic yogurt sauce topped with Turkish herbs

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How near is this delicious manti to you? Experience the authentic taste of Mamafatma's Kayseri Mantısı, just a visit away! Join us at 10385 Weston Rd Unit 7B, Vaughan, ON L4H 3T4. To reserve your table and enjoy this traditional delight, call us at +1 (905) 832-6868. KAYSERI MANTISI Intrigued by the unique flavors of our Kayseri Mantısı?to delve into its rich history, traditional preparation methods, and why it's a staple in Turkish cuisine. What goes well with KAYSERI MANTISI? Complement your Kayseri Mantısı with a sparkling soft drinks or Uludag Clear Sparkling Water enhancing the dish's flavors. A side of fresh, green salad or a dollop of creamy yogurt can also add to the enjoyment of this exquisite meal. Delivery Time for KAYSERI MANTISI Longing for Kayseri Mantısı but can't make it to us? We deliver! If you're in the [City Center], expect your delicious manti within 30-45 minutes. For [other specific areas], please allow a little more time for your order to arrive. What is the difference between Kayseri Mantı and other mantı? Kayseri Mantısı distinguishes itself with its smaller, meticulously handcrafted dumplings and a unique blend of spices in its meat filling. Unlike other varieties of mantı, it is traditionally served with a sumptuous garlic-infused yogurt and a spicy tomato sauce, offering a harmonious blend of flavors and textures that is quintessentially Kayseri.


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