One of the most well-liked dessert recipes, tulumba dessert, is not particularly challenging to make. The skill of the dough conceals the crunch of this dish, whose sherbet provides the flavor. With its distinctive design and traditions from the Ottoman Empire, tulumba dessert is consumed as an invitation dessert. Tulumba dessert is not typically prepared at home. Given that it is manufactured in modest quantities, tulumba tatlısı is a dish that is prepared to be served. One of the most well-known sherbet sweets is tulumba, which is a favorite among many people due to its affordability.

What Is Tulumba?

In the Turkish delicacy known as tulumba, fried dough is served in a sweet syrup. Among the roughly 70 different dessert varieties created in the palace halvah shop, the tulumba dessert, which originated in Balkan culture and entered Ottoman palace cuisine, had a prominent place. The dough is put into heated oil through a little tube that looks like a tulumba, giving this treat its name.



  • 2 water glasses
  • one spoonful of sugar, granulated
  • one salt teaspoon
  • 2 teaspoons of butter
  • Glass of water, 2.5
  • Fame
  • three-piece egg
  • 1 teaspoon of semolina
  • a teaspoon of starch

To make the sherbet:

  • 2 glasses of granulated sugar water
  • a single teaspoon of lemon juice
  • In order to guarantee that the sherbet dissolves completely in the sugar and thickens with water, it should be stirred often. Many of us forget to mix sugar and water before putting them on the stove. It might not obtain a proper consistency if you don’t combine sugar and water. The addition of lemon juice to the sherbet at the wrong time and in the wrong amount is another error. Add lemon juice as your syrup begins to boil, but be careful not to add too much. Lemon juice will thicken your syrup and keep it from being too sweet. Sherbet with a thin consistency may struggle to absorb sweetness and may end up being watery. As a result, these things are crucial.

Sufficient oil for frying. The frying oil can be used in further dough frying procedures after cooling and filtering it. It can then be stored in a sealed jar.

How To Make Tulumba?

To make the sherbet for the tulumba recipe, combine the water and sugar in a pot and bring it to a boil over medium heat for 10 to 15 minutes. Take it from the heat after add the lemon juice and set it aside. In a pot, combine butter, water, salt, and granulated sugar. Bring to a boil. To create a cohesive, hard, and sticky dough, add the flour then stir regularly. Take it off the stove and let it cool. One by one, crack the eggs into the warm mixture and combine them with it. Add starch and semolina to the dough. (2 to 3 cm.) Put the cooled dough in a star-tipped thick cream squeeze bag.

Deepen the saucepan and add the sunflower oil. 5 cm of the dough should be inserted into the cool oil. Slice them into appropriate-sized pieces, then fry them until they begin to brown. When placing the dough into the oil, it is crucial that the oil be cold. Without waiting, place the fried treats in the chilled syrup. Serve after letting tulumba recipe soak up the syrup.


How To Serve Tulumba?

You can add flavor to it if you’d like by putting cinnamon or coconut on top. Ice cream can be added to the tulumba tatlısı and it can be served following the fish. A meaty, fatty entrée or a wrap can occasionally go with sweet tulumba dessert. This dessert’s origins are in the Ottoman Empire, where it was also prepared in this manner. The home-cooked meals that pair with Tulumba dessert are flavorful. The tulumba dessert is the cherry on top of these succulent home-cooked meals.

Tea is the hot beverage that people consume the most after Tulumba dessert. A sherbet-filled street treat called tulumba is little and won’t boring you or upset your stomach unless you eat too much of it. Tea is the beverage of choice for sweet tulumba desserts, and it is also the most popular choice for sherbet desserts. Despite being a little dessert, Tulumba is advised to be eaten with water because it includes sherbet.

How To Store Tulumba?

By placing your Turkish tulumba dessert in the refrigerator, you are seriously harming it. This is why you should keep your tulumba dessert in a spot that is dry, clean, and out of direct sunlight. You may stop your dessert from being stale and sweet in this way. It must be consumed in no more than two days. Desserts made with sherbet can be frozen by putting them in a refrigerator bag without leaking the sherbet. Lemon can be added to syrup to keep the dessert from getting overly sweet if it is going to be stored. As a result, your dessert can be kept for long periods of time.


What Is Tulumba Made Of?

It is formed from unleavened choux pastry flour that has been piped using an open star or comparable tip and a pastry bag. It is initially deep-fried until it turns golden, then while it is still hot, sugar-sweet sauce is poured over it. Tulumba Dessert contains 85 calories in 1 piece, or 30 grams, and 284 calories per 100 grams.

This fried delicacy with a golden hue has a spongy interior that absorbs syrup, which gives the dish its distinctive flavor. Because it doesn’t include yeast, this Turkish tulumba dish, which is highly popular during Ramadan, is full and spongy. The Tulumba delicacy has all the makings of being a popular dessert around the world: name, shape, texture, flavor, simplicity of preparation, and most importantly, taste. The best place to try the crispy taste of Tulumba dessert is definitely Mama Fatma. You can easily have your dessert by making a reservation before your arrival.

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