The king of non-alcoholic cold beverages is lemonade. Lemonade recipe is unquestionably the first cold beverage prepared when summer arrives and cold drinks are begun to be kept in the refrigerator. Following a lemonade binge, new activities are planned and other cold drink concoctions are tested.

However, the first lemonade recipe that are explored after lemonade are just as traditional. The first beverages that come to mind for us are peach ice tea, lemon ice tea, and purple basil sherbet. Milkshakes continue to be one of the most often prepared cold drinks at home in the dessert category. Mama Fatma serves you with its unique food flavors as well as a beverage menu. Don’t forget to stop by Mama Fatma for your breakfasts and brunches with refreshing drinks. Call us before you come to take advantage of the reservation option.

What Is Turkish Lemonade?

Turkey’s natural lemon production regions are along the Mediterranean and Aegean seashores. Lemon trees can be found in backyards or on the sidewalks. Since lemon trees like warm climates, the wintertime temperature must be above 0 degrees. The best climate for growing lemon trees is thus found in Turkey’s south and west. Evergreen lemon trees can reach heights of three to four meters.

Additionally, we want to draw attention to the unique Mandalina trees that are found in Turkey’s Bodrum city. The Bodrum Mandalina is a distinctive variety of lime mandalina. When their hues change to a brilliant green in September, the harvesting season begins. Wholesalers then purchase the fruits from the growers and transfer them to ice cream and chocolate manufacturers all over the world. Making frozen lemonade with Bodrum Manadalina is such a lovely experience because it has such a strong citrus flavor. Try your lemonade with Bodrum Manadlin if you are vacationing in Bodrum City.



  • 1/2 to 1 cup of lemon juice
  • 1 or 3/4 cups of white table sugar in granules
  • 8 glasses of water, 6 stalks of fresh mint

How To Make Turkish Lemonade?

In making homemade lemonade, every portion of the lemon is utilized. To enhance the lemon flavor and give the best lemonade recipe a pleasing hue, the lemons are first grated. If you have the time, rubbing the sugar and lemon peels together will intensify the flavor and color. Everything mixes in a bowl and kept in the fridge for a while—shells, pulp, shells, etc. This procedure is also used to effectively transmit the scent to the water. You can strain it the next day after storing it in a fridge overnight if that makes more sense for you. The waiting period should not, however, last longer than 24 hours.

In a small saucepan, mix 1 cup water and sugar. Till the sugar dissolves, bring the mixture to a boil while stirring. After then, turn off the heat and let the food cool to room temperature. Juice the lemons after removing the seeds and pulp. Mint leaves, chilled syrup, lemon juice, and the remaining 7 cups water are combined in a pitcher.

There are also different kinds of recipes that we can give you along with the classic lemonade recipe. Here’s the thyme lemonade with you. In a pitcher, thoroughly mash the lime juice and thyme sprigs. For this procedure, use a wooden spoon. Put the traditional lemonade in the pitcher and refrigerate it for at least one hour. Thyme sprigs and a lot of ice should be added when serving. Have a nice supper. Strawberry lemonade would be appropriate during strawberry season. Strawberry lemonade is a delicious and useful beverage recipe. Your summer already promises to be chilly. In addition, honey can be used to make lemonade in place of granulated sugar.

Lemonade with hibiscus and mint: Brew four bags of hibiscus tea in 2 glasses of water, then let it cool. In a bowl, crush some fresh mint. Put the traditional lemonade in the jug. Stir the hibiscus tea after adding the mint. After that, drain it and stir it into the pitcher of lemonade. Serve with ice after letting stand for at least two hours.

We wanted to give you to a different delectable beverage: rose water lemonade. As you sip it, you’ll feel as though you’re back in the old days. Rose water can evoke nostalgic feelings in you, while also refreshing you and leaving a delectable taste on your palate. On top of the cooled sugar-water combination, stir in just-squeezed lemon juice, water, and filtered natural rose water.


How To Serve Turkish Lemonade?

Add some ice to the dish. It is well worth the extra work to enjoy this delight because it is so much healthier than soft drinks. You will be astonished by the lemon flavor of this lovely beverage after take a sip because it lacks the sourness that one has learned to associate with homemade lemonade. Before adding them to the lemon juice, the sugar should be rubbed between the lemon and lime rinds to create a smooth, sweet simply lemonade without any bite.

How To Store Turkish Lemonade?

The frozen lemonade can be stored in the fridge for up to 4–5 days after preparation, however it seldom lasts that long due to how good it is.

The best lemonade recipe can be frozen and kept for up to six months if you can’t finish it quickly or have to leave the house for some reason.


Which One Is Lemonade Formula?

Start with a mixture of one cup each of sugar, water, and lemon juice. If you are using Meyer lemons or like a less sweet simply lemonade, cut back on the sugar. Grate the zest of one fresh lemon and stir it into the simple syrup as you prepare it for a stronger lemon flavor. When the sugar has completely dissolved in the water, turn off the heat and let the lemon zest steep in the simple syrup for a few minutes. When you add the easy syrup to the lemon juice, sift the simple syrup to extract the zest.