Armenian flatbread is delicious as a lunch wrap or to go with a heavy stew since it is so delightfully soft. You can simply make this lavash bread recipe at home. Middle Eastern food would not be complete without this classic, thin bread. Because it is excellent and adaptable, it is served alongside numerous traditional meals like lamb tagine and has spread to many nearby regions.

Although many flatbread recipes don’t include yeast, this lavash bread recipe does. So, lavash where to buy? For those who do not have time to prepare at home or are not enthusiastic about the kitchen, there are also markets lavash where to buy in ready-packaged form. If you want to eat lavash bread Canada, you will find the most delicious version at Mama Fatma. Call us for an a la carte reservation, and let’s reserve your place. The most delicious lavash restaurant you can try is Mama Fatma.

Unleash Your Inner Baker with This Authentic Lavash Bread Recipe - Perfect for Wraps, Dips, and More!4

What Is Lavash Bread?

Traditional Armenian lavash is a thin, unleavened flatbread baked in a tandoor oven. Iran, Turkey, and numerous other Middle Eastern nations are also big fans of it. Common components like flour, water, and salt are frequently used to make it. One serving of lavash bread calories has 232 calories, 2.2g of fat, 9g of protein, 42 g of total carbs, and 38.3g of net carbs.

Lavash bread has less fat than other breads, so it won’t make you fat. It has a lot of fat and sugar, which can dramatically raise weight, unlike bread in general. Muscles require important nutrients, such as protein, to grow. Protein is good for you and helps you develop lean muscle. Compared to white bread, lavash has fewer calories.


  • Yeast: Using this will leaven the bread and give it its distinctive bubbly texture. Use active dry yeast, not fast rise, and make sure to use.
  • Use high-quality, unbleached flour that hasn’t been bromated. Your bread will therefore taste genuine and traditional.
  • Yeast may climb and spread out thanks to sugar.
  • Salt: This ingredient should not be used carelessly. A vital element in the creation of flavor is salt.
  • Olive oil reduces some stickiness and makes the dough smoother.
  • Sesame seeds are optional. Roll them into the pastry dough before baking.

What you will need for this lavash recipe is: Electric stand mixer: If you don’t already have one, you can use an electric hand mixer. You might still need to mix all of the components together a little by hand, though. A pair of compact kitchen towels. Rolling pin An enormous skillet or griddle for cooking. This should ideally cover two burners. If you are looking for lavash wraps Canada, you should definitely stop by Mama Fatma. You can find the lavash restaurant menu you are looking for at Mama Fatma. This is one of the most delicious places we can recommend for lavash restaurant. It is the most stylish restaurant where you can try lavash bread Canada.

Unleash Your Inner Baker with This Authentic Lavash Bread Recipe - Perfect for Wraps, Dips, and More!2

How To Make Lavash Bread?

Yeast proofing. Add the yeast to the flour and water mixture to make it bloom. This paste should be left out until it has doubled in size and is at room temperature. This could take between 40 and 60 minutes, depending on the room’s temperature and humidity.

Assemble the dough. The remaining ingredients should be added to your stand mixer and mixed until a ball forms. When the dough easily separates from the bowl’s sides, it is ready. Give it room to rise. Wait for the mixture to sit until it has expanded by two. Then, using the hook-type attachment on your mixer, knead it once more.

Get up one more time. The flatbread dough should be uniformly divided into 8 balls, then they should rise. Slice the bread dough after rolling. Roll each piece of dough out flat with a rolling pin after the dough has risen. If you will use sesame seeds, this is the time to scatter them on one side. Lavash recipe must be cooked. To prevent tearing, carefully fry your bread after preheating the griddle.

Try slowing down or even turning off the burners between batches if the outside prepares too quickly and scorches while the interior is still doughy. After cooking, if the bread starts to dry up, just sprinkle it with refreshing water and let it sit for a little. As a result, it should regain its ideal consistency—chewy and pliable—. A second rest makes working with the dough simpler, despite the temptation to skip it.

Additionally, it gives the cooked Armenian flatbread a better effervescent texture. Mediterranean hummus or labneh are good dips for it. It also works well as a dipping for flavorful Middle Eastern sauces like Lebanese garlic sauce or Yemeni hot sauce. You can try this recipe at home, but our recommendation for lavash wraps Canada is to try it at Mama Fatma. Since it has a rich menu, you can easily find the lavash restaurant menu there.

How To Store Lavash Bread?

To keep the lavash bread flexible, consume it right away or preserve it in plastic bags. It’s alright if it dries out and becomes brittle; simply rehydrate it by lightly spraying the lavash bread with water and allowing it to soften while being covered with a cloth. It should soon be flexible enough to fold up without breaking. Increase the water mist if it’s still cracking.

Alternately, place in the fridge for at least two hours and then return to room temperature before using. The flour can hydrate as a result. Alternately, chill the dough for at least 2 hours at room temperature before portioning it. You may now fridge for up to three days, covered. For those who are on a diet, a small amount should be consumed. You can adjust the lavash bread calories accordingly.