What about a salad stuffed with cheese and greens that pleased the tongue when the marinade was drizzled over it? Recipe for a practical Mediterranean salad that is presented with heaps of cheese. It is a reasonable protein supply with loads of parmesan in your diet, and it will quell your appetite with fresh greens. It will be one of the most popular salad recipes.

One of the secrets to our salad’s easy-to-make trick is to make the sauce in another container and then pour it over the greens. All of your greens will thus be combined with the sourness of the lemon and the perfume of the spices. In relation to greens, take extra care to keep the blade away from them as much as possible. Otherwise, they can quickly become darker. This salad is especially good if you are following a Mediterranean diet. Clean and dry the greens in the cabinet in the kitchen. Prepare your evening supper with the recipe for the Mediterranean salad. We wish you luck right now.

What Is Mama Fatma Salad?

You now know that you can find dozens of flavors unique to Central Asian and Mediterranean cuisine, as well as Turkish cuisine, at Mama Fatma. In addition to the main meals, grills, and appetizers you can eat at Mama Fatma, snack foods and salads are also consumed a lot. Mama Fatma salad, also known as Mediterranean salad, will suit your taste and become a meal you want to eat at any time of the day. You can substitute red peppers and cheerful yellow tomatoes if you’d like. You can add other greens, such as arugula, lettuce, or dill, in addition to the ones called for in the recipe. If you’d like, you can also include onions.

Salads also have significant levels of fiber and antioxidants. By doing this, it fortifies the body’s immune system and offers defence against various illnesses, particularly cancer. In addition, it fills the stomach and induces a feeling of satiety because it is abundant in fiber and water, as are all vegetables. Simply eating salads every day will provide you with a high amount of fiber that not only helps with digestion, blood sugar regulation, and satiety but may also lessen your risk of coronary artery disease. We should avoid eating raw, indigestible fruits and salads as much as possible at night because our digestive system requires a break so that we may sleep soundly.

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  • 4 cherry tomatoes
  • 75 grams of white cheese
  • 3–4 lettuce leaves
  • 3 to 4 lolorosso leaves
  • 3 to 4 core lettuce leaves
  • 4 cherry red tomatoes
  • 4 cherry yellow tomatoes

To use sauce:

  • 3–4 tablespoons of olive oil and 1/2 lemon juice
  • Pomegranate molasses, 1 tbsp.
  • 1 teaspoon each of salt and black pepper

For the aforementioned:

  • green olives, cut in a half-cup
  • 12 cups of black olives, cut into slices

How To Make Mama Fatma Salad?

With its simple and practical preparation, Mediterranean salad continues to be a necessary component of every kitchen. It is indispensable for downtime and hastily prepared meals. A big dinner of Mama Fatma salad can be very filling. So, how do you make Mama Fatma’s salad? The greens should be thoroughly washed and soaked in vinegar. After thoroughly drying it, rip the end off with your hands and put it in the bowl.

Tomatoes should be cut in half. In a bowl, combine the sauces. Add it to the mixture and thoroughly combine past adding the cheese cubes. Serve after sprinkling with black pepper, if desired. Have a nice supper. Salt should be whisked into olive oil after first dissolving it with lemon or vinegar. You can either add a single teaspoon of vinegar to your daily salads and meals or dilute it in water to help you manage your weight. A salad’s sine qua non is its special sauce. Additionally, it is crucial that the salad be presented on a roomy, deep plate that can be easily consumed. Avoiding pre-washed and packaged greens is the main trick to making salads special. Every ingredient that goes into the salad must be carefully chosen, and it must be thoroughly washed.

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How To Serve Mama Fatma Salad?

If you are wondering what a Mama Fatma salad is, we can tell you that it has a little more substance than a traditional green salad. Mediterranean Green Salad is, as the name implies, a salad made from Mediterranean-grown herbs. Except for two or three, we make use of the majority of these plants. Fresh mint, lamb’s ear, parsley, arugula, dill, purslane, cress, curly lettuce, basil, endive, lollorosso, polorosso, and basil are examples of Mediterranean greens.

Of course, not all of these components are necessary to make the Mama Fatma salad. You can also become ready using what you already have. As a sauce, you can also combine additional virgin olive oil, lemon, and salt. If you’d like, you can also include mustard or pomegranate syrup. The decision to diversify is yours. You can consume the salad alone as a main meal, or you can enrich it and eat it in different versions. We see that it is generally consumed with fried or boiled chicken or lamb. Salads made with ingredients that have already been cooked need to be refrigerated to prevent bacteria growth and food spoilage. Before eating, keep your salad in the fridge for up to five days.

Salad can aid in weight loss, but to do this, a person must follow a healthy diet and engage in regular exercise. If you keep this in mind and consume more calories than you need each day, eating salads in the evening and before bed can also make you gain weight. There is no doubt that salads or vegetable meals are low in calories. Vegetables have a high water content. The only nutrient that does not provide energy or calories to the human body is water.

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