You can make Turkish menemen in a short time, and it makes a delicious breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Scrambled eggs with peppers and tomatoes make up this dish (and sometimes onions). One-pan recipe for breakfast, lunch, or dinner that is easy and fast.

Turkish culture emphasizes mingling during breakfast. We enjoy planning weekend brunch gatherings. Together with a variety of delicious savory and sweet appetizers, we always serve eggs. And menemen, or Turkish scrambled eggs, is consistently at the top of the list.

What Is Menemen?

A traditional Turkish morning dish called menemen is typically served in a pan. Using eggs, tomatoes, and green peppers, it is a straightforward one-pan menemen recipe. Turkish egg whites with tomatoes can be offered for every meal, even though menemen is the highlight of a properly cooked traditional Turkish breakfast. For Turkish people, it is a quick lunch or dinner, particularly during the summer when peppers and tomatoes are in season. These contain 71 menemen calories per 100 grams, and those who are dieting utilize it.


Oil: Because we adore the flavor of olive oil in all recipes, we utilize it. In Turkey, the menemen recipe is also made with butter. Therefore, feel free to select whichever you like.

Green peppers: For this recipe, Turkish “sivri biber” or “çarliston biber” fresh green peppers are used. Green bell peppers, however, also work well. Even better, utilize a tricolor pepper mixture of sweet red, orange, and green peppers. Normally, we use peppers, but if you choose, you can use hot peppers.

Fresh tomatoes menemen ingredients are the best choice, particularly in the summer. Use the best tomatoes you can locate, if at all possible. The final flavor is greatly impacted by it.

Eggs: The best eggs are organic. The quantity of eggs in this recipe is not strictly regulated. Depending on how many people will consume it, you can either cut it or raise it.

Spices: We use a lot of black pepper, red pepper flakes, and sweet paprika/chilli powder. If you enjoy using them in your food, you can also use cumin and oregano.

Herbs: We garnish with other menemen ingredients.

How To Make Menemen? Instructions

So, how to make menemen? In a pan, heat the olive oil. On medium heat, sauté sliced peppers in it for two to three minutes. Add the diced tomatoes and their juices. Stirring regularly, simmer the tomatoes over medium-low heat until they are soft. Season with salt and paprika. Now heat it up to a medium-low setting. Gently beat the eggs in a bowl. And then pour it over the tomato mixture in the pan completely. Cook it without covering it, and stir it just enough to allow the eggs to spread.

No more than three to five minutes pass. Avoid overcooking. For dipping bread, this Turkish dish for scrambled eggs is even better. This technique even makes a great egg dip. Red pepper and parsley sprigs are added as a garnish after removal from the heat. Serve right away.

Menemen Variations

When it comes to how to make menemen, we can say that there are several different ways of making it. Use a spoon to form wells for each egg when the tomatoes and menemen spices peppers have finished cooking in the pan. Place cracked eggs in those crevices. Let it simmer uncovered for 8 to 10 minutes, or until the egg whites are set but the yolks are still runny. By gently pressing and probing egg whites with a spatula, you can aid in their proper cooking. Instead, place a lid on the pan and cook the eggs until the whites are set.

Don’t let the eggs cook on their own after being added. To ensure that eggs cook evenly, poke tiny holes using a spatula or perhaps a wooden spoon. If you prefer the second method of adding eggs, leaving them whole, just carefully insert the whites into the tomatoes and stir a few times, leaving the yolks alone. Avoid overcooking. If not, it will dry out and lose some of its flavor.

What Is The Difference Between Shakshuka And Menemen?

These two recipes are essentially identical. Each of them is essentially a breakfast food made with eggs, tomatoes, and menemen spices peppers. While originally from North Africa, shakshuka has gained popularity throughout the Middle East. The appearance of menemen and shakshuka is the primary distinction. In a classic best menemen recipe, all of the ingredients are thoroughly mixed; in a shakshuka recipe, the eggs are not incorporated with the tomato foundation.

Having said that, Turkish menemen have a variant as well. After adding the eggs to the tomatoes and peppers that are already cooking in the pan, you can leave them whole. Yet, it is not as well-liked as the scrambled egg type. The use of additional flavors is another distinction. While these ingredients are never found in its Turkish cousin, shakshuka allows for the addition of smoky paprika, olives, chorizo, and cilantro.

What Does Menemen Mean In Turkish?

The best menemen recipe is frequently had at breakfast together with bread. Its name comes from a small settlement in the province of Izmir. Normally, the tomatoes are finely diced, although they could also be grated. Based on the cook’s preferred texture, diced and grate tomatoes can also be combined.

Where Did Menemen Originate From?

The name of this straightforward egg dish comes from the Turkish town of Menemen, which is situated in Izmir. It is said that the Cretan Turks who settled in this town invented this egg dish.

Is It Melemen Or Menemen?

Despite the fact that this meal is known as melemen in some regions of the nation, the name is likely mispronounced. The correct title is menemen.

Does Menemen Have Cheese?

If you wish, you can add Turkish cheddar cheese (kaşar) to the menemen. We said that the serving of Menemen is different. Menemen sprinkled with cheddar is also very popular. If you want to eat a real Turkish Menemen instead of trying it at home, you should definitely try it at Mama Fatma. You will love it very much.