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Mama Fatma Turkish Cuisine

Mama Fatma New Location - Mississauga

Mama Fatma: A Taste of Authentic Turkish Cuisine

Nestled in the heart of the city, “Mama Fatma” stands as a beacon of Turkish cuisine, offering a culinary journey into the heart of Anatolia. This esteemed Turkish restaurant is not just a place to dine; it’s an experience that pays homage to the rich, culinary traditions of Turkey, presented in a halal dining setting.

Mama Fatma’s menu is a vibrant mosaic of Turkish delicacies, each dish crafted with respect for age-old recipes and the finest halal ingredients. From the robust flavors of Southeastern kebabs to the delicate mezes of the Aegean coast, our offerings reflect the diverse culinary heritage of Turkey.

Our chef, a virtuoso in Turkish cuisine, skillfully balances tradition with innovation. At Mama Fatma, he ensures that each dish not only adheres to halal standards but also bursts with authentic flavors, bringing a contemporary twist to timeless classics.

The ambiance of Mama Fatma encapsulates the essence of Turkish hospitality. It’s a place where the warmth of Anatolia is felt in every corner. Friends and families gather here to enjoy not just a meal, but a cultural feast that delights the senses.

Mama Fatma is more than just a halal restaurant; it’s a gateway to exploring the depths of Turkish cuisine. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or enjoying a casual meal, Mama Fatma offers an authentic and heartwarming experience that is a testament to the rich tapestry of Turkish culinary art.


Authentic Flavors, Unforgettable Experience


Breakfast 10AM-1PM / Lunch&Dinner 12PM- 10PM

Menu Categories

Mama Fatma Menu



    A roasted turkey stuffed with chestnut seasoned rice served with BBQ tomatoes and peppers (minimum serving of 5 people, has to be ordered 48 hour in advance).



    Veal and beef are ground into minced meat with thick line called Zirh, enriched with lamb fat, pistachio, mozzarella cheese, served with bread, BBQ tomatoes and peppers



    4 pieces Grilled lamb chops in a hot plate, served with BBQ tomatoes and peppers



    A large skewer Adana Kebab (Beef), salad, BBQ tomatoes, peppers, and pita bread



    2 Skewers grilled cubes of veal, served with bulgur, salad, BBQ tomatoes and peppers

  • $25.99


    8 chunks of Grilled chicken breast served with bulgur, salad, BBQ tomatoes& peppers and pita bread

CALL US: +1 (905) 832-6868

Mama Fatma Turkish Cuisine
Based on 4397 reviews
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Mahshid JafariMahshid Jafari
00:39 23 Apr 24
We enjoyed our food, the food was so good and the service was perfect. Ibrahim gave us great service.We will be back for sure.
pouria bakhtampouria bakhtam
00:36 23 Apr 24
I would definitely recommend you guys. Everything was awesome. I ordered bayti kebab which was supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Waiter’s name was Ebrahim if am not mistaken he was super super nice. Also my girl ordered beef pide which i tried it and was amazing
00:35 23 Apr 24
We had a great experience everything was delicious!! Elif was the best!!!
elham peymanielham peymani
00:35 23 Apr 24
That was Excellent 😋😋😋Ibrahim was great💫
Maed Ameri (Maya)Maed Ameri (Maya)
00:33 23 Apr 24
There were 7 of us went to this restaurant and I can say that the food and services were prfect. Ibrahim was a really polite and down to earth guy and gave us nice service and advice! I'd prefer better music would be played but doesn't matter taht much compare to quality food!
22:25 21 Apr 24
I’m so sorry to say negative things , but the food was not fresh I didn’t want the plain omelet to be mixed . and the borek was frizzed not fresh , also we were 5 ppl they gave us a plate with only 2 small bread. for 5 ppl?!!! The picture on google shows a nice place with patio but the place was totally different than pictures. The serving girl her name darya she was very nice and friendly. The washrooms door was not lockable.
21:33 21 Apr 24
Service was friendly, place clean however the breakfast was not meet my expectations, The Borek was not fresh and sucuk omelet was the worst.
Ardeshir bolandArdeshir boland
01:34 21 Apr 24
I have tried several Turkish restaurants in the GTA. On arrival staff seemed overwhelmed and disorganized. They were not welcoming. Food was very over priced for the quality and quantity. There was also a sign on each table that if you leave a positive google review you get a Turkish coffee hence all the positive reviews.
Abdul Aziz Al-AminAbdul Aziz Al-Amin
19:28 20 Apr 24
Went there with high expectations considering so many good reviews. But didn't find anything special. Food was average, service was okay, decor was nice though. Portion size isn't great compared to the price. I'd say there are much better restaurants for Turkish food.
Maaz Moh'd.Maaz Moh'd.
18:37 20 Apr 24
Ordered Uber Eats and they called me asking me to cancel my order because they were out of stock (literally washing their hands off). Uber charged me the full price and has refused to refund. Mama Fatma should take more onus of the customer experience and if things are not available, update delivery apps or take the responsibility of compensating the customer. Really poor experience. I've lost $120+ because of this.
aoun ayanaoun ayan
18:04 20 Apr 24
Everything was excellent. IBRAHIM SERVICE WAS EXCELLENT.
Saima BatoolSaima Batool
17:59 20 Apr 24
Food was extremely delicious😋.service was excellent.Ibrahim our waiter attitude and service was excellent.Adana kabab were excellent.
Jonathan ChanJonathan Chan
02:41 20 Apr 24
Syed HSyed H
21:13 19 Apr 24
If you want to pay an exorbitant amount for a minuscule and ordinary quality food which can be found anywhere in mississuaga( thanks to similar competitive restaurants) go here.Absolutely not worth the price. The quantity is way too small and price is way high.
People need to open their eyes and spend money wisely and choose the restaurant wisely too. If public wants get ripped off with food bill and don't want good food then go to Mama Fatma. I paid $115 for 2 people and they charged for the rent and ambience and food was rest in peace and tasteless.I am not promoting anything.Ther is one restaurant "Royal Afghan Kabob" Queen St/Hansen Rd. They serve the best Chicken Souvlanki and prices are very minimal.Guys spend wisely and be safe.
17:49 19 Apr 24
Dine in area is perfect. Nice tables and chairs and clean cutlery. The service was slow though. As a group of 10, each of us got our dish separately with 5-10 min time between each. They apologized several times and offered us free dessert. It was a nice gesture. The staff were polite. I tried beef doner plate. It was cold and mediocre and very dry. No dip or sauce like yogurt was served with doner. For having beef doner there are lots of better Turkish restaurants.
17:58 18 Apr 24
Very good taste, will come again next time
17:55 17 Apr 24
Matt PetersMatt Peters
23:10 16 Apr 24
Kwasi SarpongKwasi Sarpong
17:48 16 Apr 24
Lamb chops were good.
Diba HBDiba HB
13:58 16 Apr 24
Genuinely good.Worth to try.Although I’m not a Turkish but I have tried the same food in Istanbul, Rated comparing to what I have tried back there.
Hakim PoldHakim Pold
13:26 16 Apr 24
Went there last week for breakfast the service was very slow waiting so long to get our food only 2 girls working and place was full we ordered 3mix breakfast each should be for two people but when she bring was only two eggs plates not three we waited for fresh bread to come so long over all it was very expensive and not enough stuff we got maybe was busy and the girl was serving forgot to bring my advice to bring more people to work and each table with 10 to 12 people sitting should get one servers to serve them
Elham PoulaElham Poula
12:38 16 Apr 24
Joyce YangJoyce Yang
23:41 15 Apr 24
Zainab AltimimiZainab Altimimi
14:00 15 Apr 24
13:51 15 Apr 24
Worst customer service I've ever experienced. The staff was extremely rude. Despite being a party of 12, they only brought us two baskets of bread. The waiter completely ignored our requests, and her demeanor even included audible sighs when we tried to get her attention. Additionally, the food was excessively salty to the point where it was difficult to finish our plates.Also, it's way over priced.
Pinky SPinky S
02:07 15 Apr 24
We walked in on a Wednesday at 5pm. We're completely ignored. We finally asked if we could be seated and the girl just looked at me all weird like I was asking for her blood.Then after having to probe her she if we could sit she said we needed a reserve so we left. Rude and ignorant.
Saad RasoolSaad Rasool
17:20 14 Apr 24
Great food! Would definitely come again
Mikail RahmanMikail Rahman
17:15 14 Apr 24
Thank you for a great meal Darya
Yasser RasoolYasser Rasool
17:15 14 Apr 24
Great food and service. Darya was our server and she was amazing

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