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Mama Fatma Turkish Cuisine

Mama Fatma New Location - Mississauga

Mama Fatma: A Taste of Authentic Turkish Cuisine

Nestled in the heart of the city, “Mama Fatma” stands as a beacon of Turkish cuisine, offering a culinary journey into the heart of Anatolia. This esteemed Turkish restaurant is not just a place to dine; it’s an experience that pays homage to the rich, culinary traditions of Turkey, presented in a halal dining setting.

Mama Fatma’s menu is a vibrant mosaic of Turkish delicacies, each dish crafted with respect for age-old recipes and the finest halal ingredients. From the robust flavors of Southeastern kebabs to the delicate mezes of the Aegean coast, our offerings reflect the diverse culinary heritage of Turkey.

Our chef, a virtuoso in Turkish cuisine, skillfully balances tradition with innovation. At Mama Fatma, he ensures that each dish not only adheres to halal standards but also bursts with authentic flavors, bringing a contemporary twist to timeless classics.

The ambiance of Mama Fatma encapsulates the essence of Turkish hospitality. It’s a place where the warmth of Anatolia is felt in every corner. Friends and families gather here to enjoy not just a meal, but a cultural feast that delights the senses.

Mama Fatma is more than just a halal restaurant; it’s a gateway to exploring the depths of Turkish cuisine. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or enjoying a casual meal, Mama Fatma offers an authentic and heartwarming experience that is a testament to the rich tapestry of Turkish culinary art.


Authentic Flavors, Unforgettable Experience


Breakfast 10AM-1PM / Lunch&Dinner 12PM- 10PM

Menu Categories

Mama Fatma Menu



    A skewer of char-grilled Adana Kebab, wrapped in a fresh lavash/ flat bread, topped with tomato sauce, served with yogurt and BBQ tomatoes and peppers



    1 skewer Adana Kebab, 1 skewer Chicken Adana Kebab, 1 skewer Veal Shish Kebab, 1 skewer Chicken Souvlaki, 1 skewer Chicken Wings, 2 pieces Lamb Chops, Beef Doner, Soujok, White Rice, Bulgur, BBQ tomatoes and peppers, Marinated Pita Bread

  • $23.99


    Char-grilled barbecue marinated 8 chicken wings served with rice, salad, BBQ tomatoes and peppers, pita bread



    The fatless and nerveless meat stretching on both sides of sheep’s backbone served with mashed potato, BBQ tomatoes &peppers, and grilled veggies.




    A skewer of Adana Kebab wrapped in a lavash/ flat bread, garlic yogurt, spicy mashed salad, topped with butter

  • $199.99


    Lomb ribs stuffed with rice covered with foil cooked in the oven served with BBQ tomatoes and peppers.
    (Minimum serving of 5 people, has to be ordered 48 hour in advance)

CALL US: +1 (905) 832-6868

Mama Fatma Turkish Cuisine
Based on 4478 reviews
powered by Google
Leena RizviLeena Rizvi
01:04 15 Jun 24
Delicious food
ashwani vaidashwani vaid
13:41 14 Jun 24
friendly and caring staff. tasty comfort food. easy going cozy place
Amir VafamandAmir Vafamand
18:51 13 Jun 24
All pictures about this location is fake when you are going there you see the .....🤣🤣🤣😆😆...
Abbas PetiwalaAbbas Petiwala
12:37 13 Jun 24
You have to pay the price to enjoy the food, service and atmosphere. Everything well as possible 💗.
Hamed ShahrokhiHamed Shahrokhi
00:30 13 Jun 24
WOW. A must try. Their Alinazik is heavenly. I am posting this comment as I am indulging myself with the taste of this excluisive food. Come here and enjoy👌🏻
Alireza TayariAlireza Tayari
00:48 12 Jun 24
Herman DemirciHerman Demirci
02:25 11 Jun 24
great service along with the food
Javed MustunJaved Mustun
20:37 10 Jun 24
Great food
Raymond KhanRaymond Khan
14:51 10 Jun 24
Farman GhaniFarman Ghani
03:46 09 Jun 24
Yasamin KhorasanchiYasamin Khorasanchi
03:42 09 Jun 24
Good turkish foods and appetizers. Loved ezme spicy mashed salad. And the mixed kebab platter for two which was fine for 3 of us with a toddler. The Adana kebab was so tasty (both meat and chicken). Actually loved all the kebabs taste. Only the doner has tastes of fat. But yummy if you like it. And our host was a nice helpful lady.
pai lipai li
21:11 08 Jun 24
Amazing food.
Abbas SafdariAbbas Safdari
01:13 08 Jun 24
Rana KolahchiRana Kolahchi
18:46 05 Jun 24
Milad ParsaMilad Parsa
18:45 05 Jun 24
Kenan AdigüzelKenan Adigüzel
02:54 05 Jun 24
khalid hussainkhalid hussain
21:11 04 Jun 24
Durad KojicDurad Kojic
01:44 04 Jun 24
Great restaurant experience.I will definitely be back
Kumail MehdiKumail Mehdi
21:03 03 Jun 24
Great food for sure.
Riyadh SadaRiyadh Sada
20:54 02 Jun 24
Very poor service
Dan KimDan Kim
15:35 02 Jun 24
First time trying Turkish breakfast. Great food and great service.
Mohamed AmeerMohamed Ameer
06:12 02 Jun 24
Ali BokhariAli Bokhari
17:35 31 May 24
We had a confirmed reservation for a work even on the 31st and when we got there it was closed
14:18 31 May 24
This is ridiculous, i have been waiting and trying to contact this resturant if they can accept 18 guests for reservations as their mississauga location wouldnt allow and told me they will charge me $200 to reserve a private room which i dont need a private room, just a table to seat 18 guests. So i waited a whole week to wait for this location to be open on Friday and now google changed it and said that their open on Saturday. There is no voicemails to leave a message or reach out to anybody. This is a horrible establishment who is ever is running this place. I really wanted to try this resturant with my family but i guess not anymore, since they dont want my business or build clienteles.
Shawel MzoShawel Mzo
00:55 31 May 24
The breakfast was good, but you pay way too much for what’s being placed on the table.
Sonela MukherjeeSonela Mukherjee
18:56 28 May 24
My friend gave me a treat here and we had a good time. The food and presentation was good… except that I found the food a bit too salty. If that doesn’t bother you, then you will really enjoy this place.
Abdullah JatoiAbdullah Jatoi
01:35 28 May 24
At best I would rate the food average, too over priced. Not to forget the service was rude and pathetic overall. Will not recommend.
Aiden BartAiden Bart
06:52 27 May 24
Extremely expensive, meals prices are extraordinarily exaggerated!!!The quantity of rice is not even enough for 50% of the cost of mealThis is what happens when a restaurant is doing well in business and planning to expand on the back of clients…..Simply I don’t recommend itThere are many Turkish restaurants with better food and value
AP ManagerAP Manager
22:16 26 May 24
Food Quailty wasn't good and serving portions are not enough for the money they are charging ,it's very expensive.I won't recommend it to anyone who wants to eat in full
Yi Xin XuYi Xin Xu
18:35 26 May 24
Lamb chops are very good 🙂 Melissa was very nice and friendly!!

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