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Mama Fatma Turkish Cuisine

10385 Weston Rd,Unit 7B Woodbridge, ON L4H 3T4

Mama Fatma: A Taste of Authentic Turkish Cuisine

Nestled in the heart of the city, “Mama Fatma” stands as a beacon of Turkish cuisine, offering a culinary journey into the heart of Anatolia. This esteemed Turkish restaurant is not just a place to dine; it’s an experience that pays homage to the rich, culinary traditions of Turkey, presented in a halal dining setting.

Mama Fatma’s menu is a vibrant mosaic of Turkish delicacies, each dish crafted with respect for age-old recipes and the finest halal ingredients. From the robust flavors of Southeastern kebabs to the delicate mezes of the Aegean coast, our offerings reflect the diverse culinary heritage of Turkey.

Our chef, a virtuoso in Turkish cuisine, skillfully balances tradition with innovation. At Mama Fatma, he ensures that each dish not only adheres to halal standards but also bursts with authentic flavors, bringing a contemporary twist to timeless classics.

The ambiance of Mama Fatma encapsulates the essence of Turkish hospitality. It’s a place where the warmth of Anatolia is felt in every corner. Friends and families gather here to enjoy not just a meal, but a cultural feast that delights the senses.

Mama Fatma is more than just a halal restaurant; it’s a gateway to exploring the depths of Turkish cuisine. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or enjoying a casual meal, Mama Fatma offers an authentic and heartwarming experience that is a testament to the rich tapestry of Turkish culinary art.


Authentic Flavors, Unforgettable Experience


Breakfast 10AM-1PM / Lunch&Dinner 12PM- 10PM

Menu Categories

Mama Fatma Menu



    10-ounce boneless Beef cut from the rib, served with fries/mashed potato, BBQ tomatoes and peppers

  • $179.99


    Lomb ribs stuffed with seasoned rice, butter, pine nuts, peeled almonds, onion, carrot, olive oil, black pepper and black currant covered with foil cooked in the oven served with BBQ tomatoes and peppers.
    (Minimum serving of 5 people, has to be ordered 48 hour in advance)



    A skewer of Adana Kebab wrapped in a lavash/ flat bread, garlic yogurt, spicy mashed salad, topped with butter



    4 pieces Grilled lamb chops served with rice, salad, BBQ tomatoes and peppers



    Eggplant puree with garlic yogurt served with seasoned grilled veal shish cubes bbq tomatoes and peppers, parsley served with pita bread



    Meat minced with meat cleaver, served with eggplant, bbq tomatoes, peppers and pita bread

CALL US: +1 (905) 832-6868

Mama Fatma Turkish Cuisine
Based on 4037 reviews
powered by Google
01:19 03 Dec 23
Hands down best Turkish restaurant in GTA
Ummu KaraalpUmmu Karaalp
00:28 03 Dec 23
I had a reservation today for 2 people at 7:00pm. When I got to mama fatma at 7 I waited at the door for 20 minutes for someone to come and tell me my table is not ready and I need to wait because people before me arrived late to their reservation. It was not a good experience to drive 30 minutes on a rainy day hungry and not being able to eat even though I had a reservation.
Mohammed MannanMohammed Mannan
23:24 02 Dec 23
Awesome kababs!
sicccccc siccccccsicccccc sicccccc
19:03 02 Dec 23
Love to come here, always fresh and delicious
Kuraish IraniKuraish Irani
00:50 02 Dec 23
The best Turkish food I have tasted in the GTAA.. their variety is awesome and the taste is like you are eating in Istanbul.
Ahmet DoganAhmet Dogan
19:10 01 Dec 23
Amazing food and fantastic service. Much appreciated. Azad was a spectacular server for our table and was quick with everything. Thank you Azad for a great experience 🙏🏻
Mable ChuahMable Chuah
17:49 30 Nov 23
Went here with my team, good and service was good. Really good Iskender Kebab! Thank you Naz!
13:35 30 Nov 23
If you want PROPER Turkish food, this is the place!!!Service was fantastic (I think his name was alti), atmosphere was cozy and “homey” and the food was 10/10.I recommend EVERYTHING we ate:1. Cheese pide (I asked for well done)2. fresh bread with feta cheese/hummus3. Iskander kabob4. Chicken wings dinner (I got hot sauce and garlic sauce on the side to dip)5. Beef kabob (tender af)6. Dessert: Knafe and the rice puddingWill be coming back.
Razia AhmadRazia Ahmad
02:24 30 Nov 23
Amazing service! The food was very exquisite and really tasteful. Highly recommend ❤️❤️
Alina BarreraAlina Barrera
20:12 29 Nov 23
Such an amazing experience!! Food was phenomenal. Big portions with the most Turkish flavor I have seen in Toronto. The service top notch. I strongly recommend the place for any special occasion (or regular Wednesday lunch).
01:34 29 Nov 23
We ordered mix kebab combo for 2,the portion and taste are great!Highly recommend if you are meat lovers since it covers all types to try out.
Nadia AnsariNadia Ansari
23:15 28 Nov 23
Great spot for turkish food lovers! Their beyti kabab and the meat platter is amazing!
toyin banjokotoyin banjoko
19:51 28 Nov 23
Atilla was amazing, food was so delicious, ambiance is relaxing. I enjoyed myself so much
Wing tung KoWing tung Ko
19:47 28 Nov 23
Atilla is good.
Sharm MSharm M
14:42 28 Nov 23
Delicious food, service was great. I would recommend the adana kebab as it's a classic. Only thing I'd recommend is better interior ambiance.
Maksud DjavadovMaksud Djavadov
18:21 27 Nov 23
One of the best Turkish restaurants in GTA
Bilawal IqbalBilawal Iqbal
01:21 27 Nov 23
Delicious, Adana Kebab & Shaslik ❤️
Hamdi GumusHamdi Gumus
23:03 26 Nov 23
chantal allenchantal allen
18:40 26 Nov 23
Jeremy AllenJeremy Allen
18:38 26 Nov 23
Seniz AykacSeniz Aykac
03:01 26 Nov 23
yunyi chenyunyi chen
02:20 25 Nov 23
Good environment and service
04:00 24 Nov 23
Excellent food and excellent service. keep up the good work .
jelena novakjelena novak
20:45 23 Nov 23
I it a wonderful place. Delicious food. I recommend it for people who likemeat
Mark TigMark Tig
18:35 23 Nov 23
Very tender and delicious kabab!
Nazanin Zeinab FarNazanin Zeinab Far
00:45 23 Nov 23
Zahra HussainiZahra Hussaini
00:44 23 Nov 23
It is one of the best and delicious turkish restaurant. Delicious food👌🏼
Arif KaraArif Kara
21:48 22 Nov 23
My favorite turkish restaurant in Toronto!I order from here once a week and the food is always fresh and delicious.Highly recommend this place!5 stars all around
Cyper CostierCyper Costier
00:58 21 Nov 23
The food is delicious. Mr Azad, one of the waiters, is very professional and friendly. I hope you come across
00:57 21 Nov 23
Very best dinner 😁 Thank you so much Azad and Zeynep 😁

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Welcome! Mamafatma is a Turkish restaurant and delivery service located in Canada. Our menu features a variety of Turkish dishes, such as doner kebab, shish kebab, chicken souvlaki, and lamb kebab, as well as snacks like Turkish coffee, Turkish pizza, Turkish pide, and Turkish baklava. All of our food is prepared in accordance with halal dietary standards. We are a standout Turkish restaurant near me, and we also offer options from Lebanese and Persian restaurants. If you’re in the area, be sure to check us out or take advantage of our delivery service. Thank you!