This recipe for cilbir (Turkish eggs) is:

  • A vegetarian for breakfast or brunch
  • Simple to make
  • Middle Eastern food prepared with basic ingredients
  • Spicy
  • Suitable for weekends

When you don’t have many ingredients on hand and want to make something quick, wholesome, and delectable for your family, you make cilbir. In particular in Middle Eastern especially Mediterranean nations, it makes use of common products that many people already have at home. Mama Fatma recommends you to try delicious cilbir for your breakfast. Make sure to call us before you come to make a breakfast reservation.


What Is Cilbir?

One of the most well-liked dishes in Turkish cuisine is eggs. Runny yolk poached eggs are the main ingredient in this dish, which is also constructed of a base of garlicky yogurt and warm, spicy butter. Turkish eggs, also known as cilbir recipe, are a wonderful breakfast or brunch dish since they are quick and simple to prepare and bring lovely and spicy flavors from Turkey.


  • Yogurt from Turkey. Select Turkish yogurt that is creamy and of high quality. It must be thick in order to serve as the dish’s basis. If or Turkish yogurt is not available, make sure you purchase any creamy yogurt that is unsweetened.
  • Wholesome herbs. Fresh mint and dill are used. Parsley, oregano, cilantro, and other fresh herbs are all acceptable additions.
  • Although we frequently add a few garlic bulbs to our recipes because we enjoy garlicky food, garlic can overshadow other flavors when served raw. Be careful not to add too much. You shouldn’t need more than a half-clove.
  • Make certain you use fresh eggs. They are simpler to kidnap. Each egg is typically made for one person. It should be sufficient to start the day when served with yogurt, seasoned butter sauce, and some crusty bread. Two eggs could be preferable if you plan to prepare Turkish eggs for lunch or dinner.
  • Butter is the brand we prefer to use at home. We advise using unsalted butter at room temperature. Use olive oil or margarine equally well.
  • We use smoked paprika and chilli flakes in this dish since we always have them on hand.


How To Make Cilbir?

Get the yogurt ready. Greek yogurt, fresh herbs, and garlic are combined to make Turkish eggs, or cilbir recipe. We make our yogurt base using fresh dill and mint. The dill, mint, and grated or crushed garlic should all be chopped finely before being combined with the Greek yogurt. Then add a dash of salt and pepper to taste. One teaspoon of lemon juice is an option.

Boil the eggs. For some people, poaching eggs seems easy, while for others it might be very difficult. Don’t worry if you fall into the second category or if you have never made poached eggs before; it’s simpler than you might think to achieve perfection. Bring water in a large pot to a rolling boil. Make a vortex and then add 1 tablespoon of vinegar. Crack the egg, then place it in the boiling water vortex’s center. To produce the perfect egg with a runny yolk, cook for two to three minutes. While cooking the second egg, remove the egg with a spoon that is slotted and set it aside.

Make the butter-chili sauce. Melt the butter in a small pot or pan over medium heat. Add the spices and whisk with a wooden spoon as soon as the butter begins to boil. Turkish eggs are typically made with Aleppo pepper, but in our recipe, we substitute chili flakes and smoky paprika. After stirring, the sauce is prepared for serving.


How To Serve Cilbir?

On a serving platter or small bowl, top the garlicky yogurt with herbs thickly. For this dish, shallow bowls as well as plates are acceptable. Poached eggs should be added to the yogurt foundation. Before serving, drizzle the spiced butter and top with additional dill, mint, and black pepper. Melt the butter or oil in a small pot to make the red pepper butter sauce. Turn off the heat after stirring for about 20 seconds to allow the red pepper flakes to meld with the butter. Over the base of eggs and yogurt, drizzle the sauce. Is cilbir healthy? If you’d like, top it with dried mint and eat it with fresh bread like pide, bazlama, or your own variety.


How To Store Cilbir?

Cilbir eggs is generally consumed as a breakfast food when it is made and is not food that is expected to be preserved for a long time. You can store it in the refrigerator for 1 day. Storing egg food in the freezer is not recommended.

Can I Make This Dish Mild?

When you add the eggs, the water should be boiling but not overly bubbling. When shaping in water, avoid using sharp edges, as cilbir eggs cooked in water are quite sensitive. One portion (Medium) of the dish, or 120 grams of lbr (Egg with Yogurt), contains 135 calories. There are 112 cilbir calories in 100 grams of this cilbir calories.

Can I Make Turkish Eggs Vegan?

Turkish cilbir is peppery, making them a poor choice for children. Is cilbir healthy? To make the dish suitable for children and toddlers, make a small adjustment. Substitute sweet paprika for the chili flakes or Aleppo peppers. Additionally, we advise lowering the usage of garlic. Although adding too much garlic can be a bit overwhelming for your child, it is healthful.


Where Is Cilbir From?

During the Ottoman era, “poached eggs” were simply referred to as “çilbir,” regardless of how they were made. This particular variety allegedly became a popular choice of the early 20th-century sultan Abdul Hamid II, as the imperial cooks improved many recipes over the ages.

The dish became the standard for the entire empire, and to this day, the term “cilbir” is still used to describe Turkish cilbir covered in yogurt flavored with garlic. The dish is often served with pide bread and topped with red pepper flakes and ground paprika.