You must try this Turkish kumpir recipe! A popular street dish known as kumpir is created with creamy baked potatoes and a variety of mouthwatering toppings. By following our simple directions, you may make a dish that closely resembles what you might see on the streets of Istanbul. If you search for kumpir near me, it is very easy to find in Turkey, especially in Istanbul street vendors. You can reach it almost anywhere and at any meal. If you are looking for kumpir near me in Canada, you should eat here as Mama Fatma offers you the most delicious Turkish food. Be sure to make a reservation. You can call us for reservation before you come. We believe that kumpir is the supreme potato recipe for someone who adores all kind of potatoes.

What Is Kumpir?

Rumor has it that Bulgarian immigrants were responsible for kumpir’s entry into our nation. With its rich appetizers and distinctively American ingredients, it has evolved into a brand-new product. Kumpir, a common street snack in Turkey, is packed baked potatoes that can be found all around Istanbul. In all honesty, there is nothing else like it. Up to 20 toppings are available at some restaurants, several of which are vegetarian. The sauce of your choice is then placed on top of the kumpir recipe; popular choices including ketchup and mayonnaise.

Istanbul has an area called Ortakoy that is close to the water and well known for its kumpir stores. They sell the greatest Turkish filled baked potatoes you will ever try, and there are numerous of them right next to one another. The Kumpir saga is a rather recent one. A potato roasted in foil with a salad inside is known as “krumpir” in the former Yugoslavia. On the simple form, various sauces and appetizers are typically placed.



The ideal potatoes to use for preparing kumpir are excellent, huge russet potatoes that may be filled with a variety of toppings. To ensure consistent baking, if at all feasible, make sure the potatoes are all the same size.

Butter: For every potato, you will need around a tablespoon of butter.

In Turkey, kumpir potato is made with Kaşar cheese, but because that is not always accessible, you might substitute shredded mozzarella instead.

Toppings: There are a wide variety of toppings available for kumpir.

The materials that can be included into Kumpir are endless. Purple cabbage that has been finely chopped, sausage, pickled beets, greens, and salami, etc. Additionally, you can make kumpir by including goods. A baked potato cooked from scratch has 539 calories per dish. In summary, it is helpful to prepare kumpir at a time closer to when you will consume.

How To Make Kumpir?

Set the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Thoroughly wash and dry the potatoes. Use a fork to make a few holes in each potato before wrapping them in aluminum foil. The potatoes should be completely cooked after baking for an hour on a baking sheet. When a knife slides easily through the potatoes, they are properly roasted.

Prepare the toppings in plates and bowls and have them ready on the table while the potatoes are baking. When the potatoes are finished cooking, allow them to cool for five minutes, so you can handle them. The potatoes should be unwrapped, then cut in half, leaving one side whole. With a fork, fluff the potato before adding the cheese, butter, and a dash of salt. To make the potato smooth, fluff once more. Serve the potatoes right away after stuffing them with your preferred toppings.

It is crucial that you select potatoes that are sizeable, smooth, and a specific thickness. As soon as the potatoes are removed from the oven, the middle should be cut open, and the inside should be crushed with butter with grated cheddar cheese.


How To Serve Kumpir?

Top the Turkish kumpir with ketchup and mayonnaise (if you like) after adding all the toppings you like, and then eat it with a spoon or fork. Try to combine a little of the fluffy potato with some of the toppings with each bite, then savor it. For this dish, make sure to use large potatoes, so you can add more toppings. With the toppings, have fun. Leave out the ones you don’t find intriguing and use the ones you do.

Make it into a baked potato bar with stuffing. If you are having guests over, bake the potatoes first, then split them after they are done and bring them to the table, so everyone can create their own Turkish kumpir. Also, set the table and prepare the toppings in advance. Before combining the butter and cheese with the potatoes, don’t let them cool down too much. For the cheese and butter to melt and create a smooth, creamy texture, the potatoes must be heated.


How To Store Kumpir?

Kumpir potato is meant to be consumed right away. You can microwave them or eat them at room temperature.

The toppings can be made in advance. Pickled cabbage, ezme, and kisir are a few toppings that can be prepared up to three days in advance. To ensure that the potatoes are hot and steamy, it is ideal to bake them shortly before serving.

Can I Make Kumpir Vegan?

Yes, sure. Make the Russian salad using vegan mayonnaise and yogurt, and use vegan butter and cheese can exclude the hotdog and any non-vegan toppings.


How Can I Tell That The Potatoes Are Done?

Make a cut in the potato using a knife. When it readily slides in, the potato is fully cooked. You can also check the inside temperature with an instant thermometer. When the potato reaches 210 degrees Fahrenheit within, it is finished. In a pinch, you could theoretically bake potatoes in the microwave. Use the oven instead if you have the time because the results are so much better. The potatoes will become more tender and fluffy when you wrap them in aluminum foil, which creates a steaming atmosphere.