The magnificent tres leches layer cake has been translated into Turkish as “trilece dessert” a sponge cake covered in a thin layer of buttery caramel and capped with fluffy whipped cream and three milk syrups.

What Is Trileçe / Tres Leches?

The trilece cake, also known as tres leches cake, is a delicious cake that is drenched in three milk syrup and topped with fluffy whipped cream. Tres leches, also known as trilece, is thought to be a genuine Mexican dessert. Today, we will show you how to prepare a caramel tres leches layer cake (karamelli trilece).

The Turkish version of Mexican tres leches, caramel tres leches (karamelli trilece) are layers of buttery caramel on top of a sponge cake soaked in milk syrup and topped with fluffy whipped cream. Similar to flan cake and tiramisu, trilece cake is a party favorite and the first to disappear during gatherings.

Ingredients In Tirlece

The first set of ingredients is for preparing the sponge cake, and there are four sets total. We prefer the spongy cake in Tres Leches to the buttery pound cake that some people use to make the trilece dessert.

The second set consists of milk syrup, also known as the soaking liquids, which is often made out of a mixture of evaporated milk, condensed milk, and heavy cream. The third set of ingredients is for the light whipped cream layer, and the last set is for the caramel.

Top Tips For Tirlece

Instead of using sponge cake as the base, some individuals prefer to make trifles with pound cake. Making it with pound cake will increase the amount of butter you prefer.

Before you begin, make sure the eggs are at room temperature. Put your eggs in a warm water bowl to bring them to room temperature if you accidentally left them at home.

How To Make Tirlece?

Those who want to try it at home may ask how to make trilece. But if you go and look for a stylish and delicious restaurant, your stop should definitely be Mama Fatma. So, how to make trilece? Add the eggs and vanilla essence to the mixing bowl and beat until frothy.

Add sugar gradually while continuing to whisk the mixture until it multiplies in size and gets as airy and pale yellow as possible. Draw a S on the surface with your whisk to check if you have the proper consistency. You are excellent if it stays for 10 seconds, but you must beat harder if it sinks. Mix the flour and baking powder in a small bowl.

Sift the flour mixture over the egg mixture three times, stirring each time with a rubber spatula. The cake batter should be poured into the prepared pan and baked until golden. Make the milk syrup by thoroughly blending the three milks.

When the cake is finished baking, remove it from the oven and poke many holes in it with a toothpick or a fork. After covering the heated cake with the milk syrup, allow it to soak and cool down fully for close to an hour.

Combine the ingredients for the whipped cream layer and beat them together until a firm peak emerges. Keep the cake in the fridge until it has finished cooling.

Melt the sugar over medium heat before beginning to make the caramel. Lower the heat, then immediately mix in the butter.  As you incorporate the butter, you’ll see bubbling in the mixture.

Add the heavy cream over while thoroughly swirling the mixture. The mixture will start to heat and rise in the pan, and it may also start to form clumps. Keep swirling, and it will melt and become smooth once again. Turn off the heat and pour the liquid into a heat-resistant measuring cup to cool. When it cools, it will thicken.

The cake should be levelled off once the chilled whipped cream has been applied. 30 minutes should be spent cooling. To cover the trilece recipe evenly, pour the caramel sauce over and tilt the pan. If your caramel hasn’t entirely cooled, the layers could become muddled. To get this well-known appearance, draw several lines with whipped cream and then, using a toothpick, cross those lines.

How To Store Trilece?

If the sugar content is insufficient for you, you may always add more. Moreover, using a square mold to create the trileche will yield better results. Please multiply the amount by two if you plan to produce huge molds. Since it is a dessert that needs to be rested in the refrigerator, you can easily keep it in the refrigerator until it is finished. If you search for trilece near me, you can find it in every dessert shop in Turkey. If you search trilece near me in Canada, you should definitely stop by Mama Fatma.

Where Does Trileçe Come From?

Trilece Turkish dessert, commonly known as tres leches cake or three-milk cake, is a dessert of Balkan origins. A mixture of three milks is used to soak the soft sponge trilece cake recipe. Typically, caramel is used to coat trilece Turkish dessert. It can be consumed cold, with food, or during tea. Trileçe is extremely popular in Albania and is a true product of the Balkans. Because three distinct milks were once used to produce it, the trilece cake near me is also known as three-milk cake.

A caramel glaze is placed on top of a very dense vanilla sponge cake that has been steeped in liquid (the combination of three milks). Despite having an airy structure, the trilece cake recipe is rich since it contains fresh cream and condensed milk with sugar.

What Is The Difference Between Tres Leches And Tiramisu?

Trilece recipe, commonly referred to as a torta de tres leches or a pastel de tres leches, is a cake made with three different milks. It is a sponge cake that has been soaked in three different milks, often evaporated milk, condensed milk, and standard whole milk. Whereas the Italian dessert tiramisu is made by soaking lady finger cookies in espresso and then layering them with mascarpone custard. These two drenched trilece cake near me go together beautifully.

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