Using red lentils and bulgur, a straightforward recipe for Turkish Mercimek Koftesi  – These tasty vegan Turkish lentil balls are simple to make and don’t require baking or frying. These lentil balls make a nutritious, low-calorie side dish or snack when drizzled with fresh lime juice and wrapped in crunchy lettuce.

Turkish Mercimek Koftesi resemble Cig Kofte in appearance, since they frequently share the distinctive shape made by hand-forming the meatball mixture. But unlike the vegan lentil balls and vegetarian form, which only uses bulgur, cig kofte are frequently cooked with meat. Mama Fatma continues to serve you Turkish cuisine. Of course, the most delicious lentil meatball recipe you can try is at Mama Fatma. You will love this dish with the menus you can create. To see the lentil meatballs on your table, call us and make a reservation before you come.

What Is Lentil Balls?

Bulgur and lentils, two components with excellent nutritional value, are used in Lentil Meatballs, a simple and popular dish. Turkish lentil balls are a bulgur meal that are typically made with red lentils, onions, and a variety of herbs and spices, depending on the home and location. Serving options include cold or room temperature.



  • glass of water, 1.5
  • indigo lentil
  • 3 glasses of hot water
  • Wheat is 1.5 water glass thin.
  • a two-piece onion
  • a single teacup of olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon of pepper paste
  • Tomato paste, one tablespoon
  • Five fresh onions: Red lentils and boiled bulgur are mixed with sautéed onion and garlic.
  • a half-bundle of parsley
  • Salt, 1.5 dessert spoons
  • a teaspoon of chili pepper
  • a teaspoon of cumin
  • black pepper, one teaspoon

How To Make Lentil Balls?

The red lentils you have cleaned in lots of boiling water should be boiled. The lentils should be taken off the heat before adding the fine bulgur, which is nearly finished absorbing its water. To it, add fine bulgur. Allow the lentils and fine bulgur to swell in the covered pot for 15 minutes. In a pan, heat the olive oil. The onions should be chopped into small cubes and added to the pan. For five minutes, fry the chopped onions.

Add the cumin, salt, pepper flakes, tomato paste, and pepper paste, as appropriate. For 3 to 4 minutes, fry the onion combination. The expanding bulgur and lentil mortar should be combined with the tomato paste and onion mortar. Chop the parsley and spring onions finely. Chopped greens should be added. The components should be kneaded. Mix all the ingredients together by kneading them. Squeeze bits of the prepared mortar that are the size of walnuts into your palm to form. On a serving plate, place the lentil meatballs and any desired greens. Share with those you care about.

You can re-knead the meatballs with the bulgur that you precisely soaked and swelled if the lentil meatballs are runny. When you shape it, it will straighten out. If the lentil meatballs are too dry, you may re-knead them by sautéing just a bit of tomato paste in a little oil in a pan. You can then shape it. If you increase the amount of lentils until they are the consistency of fine bulgur and manage the consistency, you are able to create a meatball made entirely of lentils. You can re-wet the bulgur in half the original amount and incorporate it with your meatballs if the lentil meatballs are too salty. The salt will be absorbed by the extra bulgur.


How To Serve Lentil Balls?

To prevent drying out, place the lentil balls recipe on lettuce leaves. You can order it with a few drops of lemon juice if you’d like. You should consider recipes for Russian salad, roll cake, patisserie pastry, couscous salad with turnips, and mushroom cookies. Full-size lentil patties have 348 calories per serving. 2-3 lentil meatballs may be consumed as part of a diet.

How To Store Lentil Balls?

Up until the following day, you can keep your lentil meatballs in an airtight container on the middle shelf of your refrigerator. Use freezer-safe storage containers or non-plastic refrigerator bags to keep your lentil meatballs from melting in the freezer. You may fill them with your lentil meatballs and store them.

What Cuisine Do Lentil Balls Belong To?

The vegan lentil balls known as mercimek köftesi are a popular Turkish dish that is a mainstay in many Turkish homes. These are regarded as a cold mezze meal and go well with baba ganoush, labneh, hummus, muhammara, and other appetizers. It’s simple to prepare and work with lentils, which are a fantastic source of protein. Red lentils differ slightly from green or brown lentils in that they cook up very softly and lose their structure. Turkish red lentil soup and Turmeric ginger red lentil soup are two other red lentil balls.


Can Lentil Balls Be Baked?

Everything is placed in the food processor, and after the vegetarian meatballs are formed, baking is the only step left.

What Do Lentil Balls Taste Like?

These meatless lentil balls are a traditional Turkish dish. These meatballs are typically served with lettuce and herbs and are made with red lentils and bulgur. Turkish cuisine is incredibly adaptable and makes use of natural, fresh ingredients. Many Turkish dishes, including gozleme, borek, and zucchini fritters as well as Turkish yogurt soup, are by nature vegetarian. Another delectable Turkish dish that is inherently vegan are these red lentil balls. They are easy to make and delicious. This nutritious lentil meal will become a standard in your home because it is loaded with red lentils and bulgur and is spiced with herbs and spices.

Turkish lentil balls recipe are a tasty light lunch option for days when you need a boost. These will be your go-to if you are looking for a simple vegetarian meal that comes together quickly and is filled with nutrients, especially because you can make them simply in advance and eat them throughout the week.