The popular Turkish traditional fermented drink, “Şalgam” in English, pronounced “shal-gam,” is produced in the southern Turkish cities of Adana, Kahramanmaras, Mersin, Hatay, and Izmir. Turnip juice (salgam), a fermented substance, is one of the historical beverages specific to Turkish cuisine. In Adana, Mersin, Hatay, and the surrounding areas, salgam juice is produced.

In the summer, it’s served cold, while in the winter, it’s hot. It serves as a substitute for beverages like ayran and cola in these areas. Lahmacun, uncooked meatballs, and other meat dishes are also enjoyed and eaten along with various varieties of kebabs. It’s a product that the world has recently begun to demand more of.

What Is Turkish Turnip Drink?

Salgam in English has a different pronunciation. But it is very popular both in Europe and Turkey. Water, turnip, bread dough, bulgur flour, red carrot, salt, and optionally spicy pepper are used as ingredients in the traditional salgam Turkish drink. This product goes through a two-stage fermentation process. The fermentation of the dough, which is created using bulgur flour, bread dough, salt, and water, is the first step.

The second stage involves fermenting the liquid created when bulgur flour is extracted with water, along with thinly sliced carrots and turnips. In the summer, the fermentation process lasts 7 days, whereas in the winter, it lasts 15-20 days. The beverage has elements including phenols, lactic acid bacteria, and natural antioxidants in addition to its nutritional content. As a result, we advise that you use it frequently.

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The Culture Of Turnip Drink In Turkey

There is no denying the significance of food in Turkish culture. To be completely honest, it’s not simply the cuisine; there is also a range of drinks. Certain beverages can quench your thirst, while others can warm you up when you’re chilly. Whilst some of them are really well-liked, all of them are worthwhile to try. Traditional Turkish beverage salgam is created through lactic acid fermentation. Due to the spices it contains and the materials used in its production, it is known as “salgam acili”. Some European towns also have markets where “salgam acili” is sold.

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Turnip, or purple carrots, salt, bulgur, and yeast, are used to make turnip juice, a prized beverage in Turkish cuisine. It is frequently served as a soft drink with kebabs, especially at traditional kebab places specializing in serving thick, fatty kebabs.

The Nutritional Value Of Turnip Drink

Turkish cuisine places a great deal of importance on salgam drink, an Adana-only beverage. Salgam has a minimal calorie count. For every 100 g of turnib salgam, five calories. It is at the top of diet lists because of its characteristics. It includes potassium, calcium, iron, and vitamins A, B, and C.

The minerals phosphorus, calcium, and potassium aid in reducing tension and soothing the nervous system. Several acknowledged advantages of salgam juice exist. It has a strong aphrodisiac effect, one of its best-known characteristics. It has the capacity to boost men’s sexual power. Salgam drink contains vitamins A, B, and C that support eye and heart health. Moreover, the product’s potassium and calcium maintain the strength of the bones and teeth.

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How To Make Turkish Turnip Drink At Home?

There is a delicious salgam recipe for you that you can prepare at home. Turnips, carrots, and beets are cleaned and peeled. Beets, salgam vegetable, and carrots are separated into quarters, and all are sliced. Place the cheesecloth with the bread into the drum. Everything is added to the drum. The drum is filled with melted salt and water. The water-filled drum has its lid securely fastened. It spends 15 days in a cool environment. Without a doubt, you shouldn’t open for 15 days. The cheesecloth is replaced after 15 days. Add the salgam Turkish drink to the bottle.

The Health Benefits Of Drinking Turkish Turnip

Let’s talk about salgam health benefits. Because of the vitamins and minerals it contains, Turkish salgam aids in the body’s detoxification from antioxidants and boosts physical resistance. The benefits of food and beverage fermentation for human health are substantial. By making healthful items like salgam vegetable, tarhana, pickles, and kefir at home, one can produce particularly beneficial dishes and beverages.

Antioxidants help to stop cancer from spreading throughout the body. Because it contains vitamin C, it functions as a natural antibiotic and shields you from colds. It also stops possible bone deformations because of the potassium, iron, phosphate, and calcium it contains. The beverage lessens the harm that smoking has on the body. Salgam health benefits do not stop there. Because it has a pleasant quality, it was advised that those who find it difficult to acquire weight drink a lot of turnib salgam. It maintains blood sugar equilibrium and stops the blood from clotting.

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The Perfect Pairings: Foods To Enjoy With Turkish Turnip Drink

Turkish salgam is usually consumed with foods such as kebabs and raw meatballs. Salgam recipe is compatible with traditional Turkish dishes. It pairs well with many foods in terms of spice and bitterness.

Where To Find Authentic Turkish Turnip Drink In Canada?

Mama Fatma’s is proud to offer the delicious and refreshing Turkish turnip drink, Salgam, at our restaurant. Turnip juice is available in every province in Turkey. Salgam boisson is a beverage that can be made at home or consumed as a ready-to-drink beverage. Since it is very common, many beverage brands include turnip juice in their content. You can get this drink ready-made with Doğanay Salgam abroad. Doğanay salgam offers this service to those who love salgam boisson in Canada, both in Turkey and Europe. Doganay salgam is a popular and desired brand of turnip juice. You can either prepare it yourself at home to taste or buy it ready-made through Doganay salgam.