Chicken Sac Tava
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This dish, which is also called roasting on a sheet pan or sheet pan cooking, works well for large gatherings and pairs nicely with a handmade ayran and rice pilaf. It is prepared by cooking in a pan or on a sheet. The taste changes as the aromas of the meat and vegetables meld together. It goes without saying that bread must be dipped in water before being eaten; it needs to go in the pan so that it can absorb the water from the roast and be enjoyed.

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What Is Chicken Sac Tava?

This particular Turkish chicken kebab recipe is made with vegetables, Turkish chicken meat, and sheet pans. One of the essential flavors in Turkish cooking is sheet pan. The deep pans called sac are the source of the phrase “sac tava,” which is another name for this meal. You may make the sheet pan with lamb or beef, if you’d like. It’s a great tool for busy tables. The Turkish chicken kebab recipe is perfect if you want to add some vegetables to the meat to give it some flavor. How to build a sheet pan is a question that many have when they want to cook something tasty and useful at the same time.


  • Three tablespoons of liquid oil
  • 800-gram veal cubes
  • one sliced onion piece
  • Four chopped green pepper pieces
  • Two diced and peeled tomatoes
  • a single tea spoon of salt
  • one tea spoon of spicy red pepper
  • One teaspoon of black pepper for tea
  • a solitary spoonful of butter

What Are The Tips Of The Chicken Sac Tava Recipe?

The recipe can be made using either Turkish chicken meat cubes. The meat ought to be of a moderate size. Remember to cut and peel the tomatoes. If preferred, feel free to add some red and green pepper. An alternative to using a sheet pan is to use a non-stick pan. Cooking the meat rapidly over high heat is one of the most crucial techniques when preparing a sheet pan. This dish is made on a sheet pan and takes 12 to 15 minutes to prepare. Peppers and tomatoes are the best ingredients to use last when creating a sheet pan. It’s important to have vegetables with the chicken.

How To Make Chicken Sac Tava?

Before adding oil and heating it, preheat the sheet pan into high heat. Place the chicken on high. Using high heat, roast the chicken until its juices run out. Add the onion and stir when the chicken has started to color somewhat. Add the green pepper to the pan after the onions are sautéed. Add the tomato sauce and seasonings once the peppers have been sautéed. Once the tomatoes have cooked themselves, stir in the butter. Once the stove is off, serve hot.

Chicken Sac Tava Variations

A popular Turkish chicken recipes in Turkey, chicken tava is flavorful and simple to prepare. A tasty and filling supper is produced when aromatic spices and tender chicken pieces are heated together. The meal is a flexible choice for any occasion because it is usually served with bread or rice. This recipe for chicken sac tava is likely to please, regardless of your level of familiarity with Turkish cooking or desire to try something new. For up to three days, leftover chicken tava can be kept in the refrigerator in an airtight container. Before serving, reheat the meal in a skillet or microwave to stay warm. For a full dinner, prepare the Turkish chicken recipes with bread or a side of rice.

How To Serve It?

Light dishes can be served with sac tava, an essential item for busy tables. If you are planning a very elaborate meal, you can think about combining many recipes, such as those for soup, rice, salad, and appetizers. You can order sac tava and spicy paste for a table dedicated to appetizers.

The sac tava can be served with some rice. If you prefer a pilaf with lots of ingredients over basic rice pilaf, choose Ottoman pilaf, which is enhanced with chestnuts, almonds, currants, and dried apricots. Given that sac tava is a meat dish, it goes well with light vegetables.

Cream is added to a vegetable soup made with broccoli, carrots, red pepper, and zucchini. This soup has a typical amount of 45 calories per serving and is often liked in the winter. After cooking it for thirty minutes, you can serve it hot.

This is one of the best dishes you can offer at busy tables; it’s made with cauliflower, cheddar cheese, and milk. It takes fifteen minutes for preparation and thirty minutes to cook cauliflower gratin. Take care not to overboil it. The mashed potatoes are definitely of the recipes that will save your bacon if you are thinking of presenting sac tava in a more sophisticated and fulfilling way.

Take advantage of the opportunity to serve seasonal greens with this 15-minute arugula salad that combines green apple, vinegar, arugula, tomato, and olive oil with sac tava.

What’s Diffrent With Chicken Sac Tava And Beef Sac Tava?

There are several variations of the traditional Turkish dish kavurma, which is sautéed beef. In addition to sac kavurma, another meal known as çoban kavurma, or shepherd’s kavurma, is made with sautéed pork, onion, and capsicum. Similar to confit, Winter Kavurma is another dish in the same family that is prepared by slowly cooking the meat in the fat that it produces. In the past, this kind of kavurma was a staple food, especially during periods when meat that was tender was in short supply.


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