You must have wondered about chicken Adana kebab, one of the most popular flavors in Turkish cuisine. So, what is chicken Adana? A wonderful kebab that’s ideal for grilling season is chicken Adana. Herbs and spices are used to flavor ground chicken, which is then grilled until the outside is blackened and the inside is still juicy. Adana kebabs are typically grilled over hot coals outside. But you can get that charred and smokey flavor from any outdoor grill or barbecue. Alternatively, you can use a large skillet or griddle pan with ridges on the stovetop inside.

It is Adana’s most important dish. Even so, it is well known throughout Turkey. Adana kebab chicken is a particular variety of kebab that is created with meat minced with a knife that resembles a line. Male sheep must be used to produce meat. The meat mixture also includes black pepper, chilli pepper, and pepper paste. There are locations in Adana that excel at making this kebab.

Calcium is present in chicken kebab. Chicken kebabs contain calcium as well, which is a mineral found in high concentrations in milk and dairy products. 97.86 mg of calcium can be found in one medium portion of chicken kebab. For the growth and health of bones, calcium is very helpful. Eating chicken kebabs can also provide us with the daily requirement of calcium that we can obtain through cow’s milk, cheese, and yogurt.

Our bones depend heavily on the calcium found in chicken kebabs. We must take calcium, which is crucial for the health of our bones, especially as we age. As a result, it will be crucial for us to have chicken kebab to obtain calcium.

What Is Chicken Adana?

What is chicken Adana? The Turkish city of Adana is where the long, chopped meat kebabs known as “Chicken Adana” were first created. They are one of Turkey’s best-known kebabs and are frequently grilled outside over hot coals. Traditionally, hand-cut lamb that resembles ground meat is used to make them. But you may also use beef or chicken. As chicken Adana, ground chicken is mixed with Turkish flavors and fashioned into a skewer before cooking. They taste fantastic.

Chicken Kebab has 346 chicken Adana calories in 1 portion (medium), or 245 grams, compared to 141 calories in 100 grams for chicken Adana calories. At Mama Fatma, you will taste chicken Adana kebab just like other kebab varieties. You should definitely try it. For this reason, if you are looking for chicken Adana near me, don’t forget to stop by Mama Fatma. Mama Fatma also offers a reservation option. You can reserve your place with an a la carte reservation.

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Ingredients Notes

Ground chicken: The flesh is often hand-cut, although ground chicken is a simple substitute.

Sumac is a tart spice that is frequently used in Turkish cooking.

Red chilli flakes: Chilies give chicken Adana kebab its spice, although you can omit them if you choose. If you like your food spicy, you can also add more.

For a marine:

  • Milk, one teaspoon
  • 1 onion, the juice from which can be shredded.
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • tomato paste, 1 teaspoon
  • paprika in olive oil, 5 tablespoons
  • roasted pepper
  • Salt

How To Cook Chicken Adana?

Take the marinade ingredients and combine them in a bowl. The birds should be fully covered in this sauce before you add the onion juice. To marinate, remove it to the refrigerator.

Remove the chickens from the refrigerator when they have rested, place them in the food processor, chop them, add pepper, parsley, and garlic, and then pour half of the leftover sauce over them before grinding them into mince. If it is good, add the marinade for the chicken and thoroughly mix with your hands. and skewers with string. Apply tomato paste on top of it. Bake at 200 degrees until golden brown.

How To Serve Chicken Adana?

The flavor and texture of chicken Adana kebab, which is produced with tail fat, are provided by its sparing use. Because of this, use caution when mincing the white meat and tail fat with a sharp knife. Serve the kebabs over bulgur pilaf and tortillas, and top with fresh rosemary sprigs. Lavash is also used for serving. With mixed greens or an onion salad, we serve it in lavash. The Turkish chicken Adana kebab recipe takes 30 minutes to prepare. Cooking time also takes 30 minutes. The Turkish chicken Adana kebab recipe will be ready to serve in an hour.

Homemade spicy Adana kebab chicken, onions with olive oil and wide beans, bulgur pilaf with eggplant, and tzatziki with zucchini are all excellent menu options when considering what to serve with them.

Chicken Adana Kebab A Flavorful Turkish Delight.1

What To Drink With Chicken Adana?

In Turkish cuisine, ayran or turnip juice is usually drunk alongside Adana kebab. It is a specialty of Cukurova and is a beverage produced from the turnip plant. The region around Adana consumes a lot of turnip juice, which is crimson, murky, and sour. The two categories are painful and painless. Turnip juice aids in digestion and calms the nerves, in addition to being good for the liver and stomach. In Adana, turnips are in abundance. When you search for chicken Adana near me, you can find all these flavors at Mama Fatma.


What Is The Difference Between Chicken Adana And Shish?

Chicken Adana is a meal composed of minced meat and grilled on copper skewers in the traditional kebab manner. On skewers, cooked meat cubes are called shish kebab. This is one of the most widely consumed kebab types. We can talk about how the chicken skewer is prepared so that you can better understand the difference.

The ingredients for the marinade are in a large basin. Chicken breast diced should be added to the marinade. It rests for 6-7 hours in the refrigerator. Chop peppers and tomatoes. The waste bottle is fed with the materials. The chicken is fried at 250 degrees until it is tender. The bulgur pilaf, tomatoes, and chicken skewers are both excellent. You may make roasted eggplant salads with roasted veggies and yogurt-based capicola appetizers. It is essential for salad bars.

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