We are constantly looking for cool recipes due to the extreme heat. In light of this, we produced cold recipes. Add this delicious and simple pancho recipe to your summer dinners; you will enjoy it. So let’s cook up this dish that will make our dinner feel fresh and cool. It is a culinary category that is common in Turkish cuisine and the Eastern Mediterranean. Mama Fatma will share the pancho recipe ingredients, instructions, and nutritional facts with you.

In addition to serving as a meal, appetizers can function as a social gathering. Sharing and socializing are enjoyable when people are gathered around an appetizer plate. This demonstrates that appetizers are a social event in addition to being a wonderful food category. Pancho also takes its place at the tables in accordance with this culture.

The most delectable companion to in-depth conversations, appetizers are a necessity for meals and hold a significant role in Turkish cuisine. These appetizers, which go with vegetable, beef, chicken, and fish entrées, are renowned for being made quickly. Presenting Turkish cuisine and culture at its best, Mama Fatma brings you the freshest version of appetizers. Be sure to try the pancho recipe at Mama Fatma. There are dozens of appetizer types that you can try along with other appetizers by making a reservation before arriving.

What Is Pancho?

Yogurt, potatoes, and garlic together produce such a mouthwatering flavor. Everyone enjoys having it on the table, and it holds a special place in our hearts. This appetizer, which is typically seen at kebab shops, is quite simple to cook at home. The Ottoman Empire saw the height of the idea and variety of cold appetizers.

The palace kitchen produced a richer palate as the variety of appetizers grew. There is a wide range of appetizers, which are split into two primary categories: hot appetizers and cold appetizers. We enjoy having salads and appetizers with our dinners. Every table we strive to include it in. The potato salad with yoghurt is one of these salads and appetizers. You will enjoy this salad if you haven’t already tried it because it’s simple to make and delicious. In restaurants, appetizers are practical, cold foods served to go with the main course and a side dish.


  • Two potatoes

Boiling ingredients for the sauce in sunflower oil

  • 6 tablespoons of mayo
  • strained yogurt, 1 spoonful: Yogurt that has been straining enhances the flavor of numerous dishes, most frequently cold appetizers but also soups and desserts. When made using strained yogurt, appetizers that get slightly liquid when yogurt is added become more consistent.
  • 1/9 cup dijon mustard
  • a single garlic clove
  • Lemon juice and one piece of lemon zest

Components for the topping

  • 1 Cayenne pepper, dried
  • cooking oil, 2 to 3 teaspoons

How To Make Pancho?

The potatoes should be peeled, then cubed and fried. To drain excess oil, place the cooked potatoes on a dish with a napkin. In the meantime, combine all the sauce ingredients in a small mixing dish. Dry Cayenne pepper should be finely chopped and fried in heated oil in a small skillet. On a serving platter, arrange the potatoes, top with the prepared sauce, sprinkle with pepper oil, and then serve.

The drinks that go with the appetizer are just as significant as the appetizer’s history and culture. Keep in mind that eating appetizers means sharing, spending time with others, and making delightful memories.

How To Serve Pancho?

Finally, add the tomato paste and butter on the top. Red pepper flakes and mint are used as garnish while serving. Appetizers such as Pancho take their place as a nice snack on many menus. Very great menu options include tomato soup with noodles, grilled eggplant kebab, pepper starter with yogurt, and chocolate soufflé. You can also enjoy pancho with rice pilaf and meat dishes. Since it is up to you to make the menu lighter, it will suit your menus consisting only of vegan dishes. All types of beverages can be offered with appetizers. Yogurt with potatoes in a medium serving have about 148 calories. It is safe to eat it along with main meals as long as you pay attention to the quantity of fat it includes. Have a nice supper.

How To Store Pancho?

If your yogurt cold appetizers ideas and salads contain garlic, you can keep them in sealed containers for up to 4–5 days. Make as much as you can and eat it all right away, if you can. Because while it waits, the taste of pancho alters, even though it does not spoil. The same things that you shouldn’t keep in the refrigerator or freezer also apply there.

Generally, yogurt appetizers and similar recipes are not frozen. Because when it dissolves back, it is not suitable for consumption. Yogurt’s texture is dramatically altered when frozen, as is any recipe we prepare that calls for yogurt. Pancho is a type of food that should definitely not be put in the freezer. It is not recommended to store it by freezing. It is best to make enough to consume. If we want to have healthy meals, we must be careful.

Is Pancho Hot Or Cold?

Hot appetizers include fried items and some meat dishes, whilst cold appetizers ideas often consist of appetizers made with olive oil and yogurt. The dish pancho is not one of the hot appetizers.

The word meze comes from the Persian word “maza,” which means flavor. Instead of being provided to fill the stomach, appetizers are meant to improve the flavor of the meal and make the discussion more enjoyable. Because of this, it is served in small amounts that combine numerous different types.

Like many types of appetizers, pancho is served cold. You can use it as an appetizer in the dinner menu, or you can prepare it as a lunchtime meal and consume it cold. Since it will be a light meal, it fits your diet greatly. You can determine your portion by consulting your doctor. It is usually made enough to be eaten and consumed.