In just 10 minutes, you can have this Piyaz white bean salad from Turkey. It is a quick and delicious side dish that complements many Mediterranean tastes. The many Turkish dishes we have here are all cooked using delectable, fresh ingredients. Another one of our favorite salads is the Turkish piyaz salad, or white bean salad, from Turkey.

What Is Piyaz?

Numerous mezzes and side dishes in Turkish cuisine have complex flavor characteristics. This white bean salad, also known as piyaz, goes well with practically any main course. Mostly white beans and a delectable, zesty dressing are used to make it. Anyone who tries this salad raves about how flavorful it is and requests seconds.


The ingredients you will need for the piyaz salad recipe are as follows:

  • White beans are the major component of this Turkish piyaz salad. Beans can be cooked from scratch or used in a can.
  • Tomatoes: For this dish, it’s preferable to use firm vegetables that aren’t overly seedy. We advise utilizing tomatoes.
  • Red onions give salads a ton of flavor. To give the salad a little crunch, thinly slice them.
  • Fresh herbs, such as parsley, are the ideal method to boost taste and brightness. Many Turkish salad dishes, like piyaz salad, liberally employ parsley.
  • Olive oil: To prepare salad dressing, use high-quality extra virgin olive oil; it makes all the difference.
  • Lemon juice: For this dish, it is ideal to use juice from a freshly squeezed lemon.
  • Sumac: Middle Eastern or Mediterranean cuisines rely heavily on this acidic, vibrant spice. It is available in stores that specialize in ethnic items from the Arab, Persian, or Mediterranean regions.
  • If you can’t get Aleppo pepper, substitute chili pepper flakes for this piyaz salad recipe.

Whip Up a Flavorful Piyaz Salad with This Easy Recipe - A Refreshing Turkish Delight for Any Occasion! 2

How To Make Piyaz?

If using cans of beans, be sure to rinse, drain, and then dump them in a big basin after removing the excess water. Dice the tomatoes and add them, along with the parsley, to the white beans. The red onion should be thinly sliced and added to the dish as well. Stir everything well, then set it aside. Mix sumac, salt, and Aleppo pepper in a small basin. Stir thoroughly after adding the lemon juice or extra virgin olive oil. To ensure that all the ingredients are combined, drizzle the mixture over the salad and mix. 30 minutes after covering and chilling, serve.

How To Serve Piyaz?

On hot summer days, you can offer this salad as a whole dinner. Lunch in the summer would be a bowl of this salad and a slice of toasted bread. It also works well as a side dish in numerous Turkish and Mediterranean meals, including kofta kebab, stuffed eggplant, and zucchini fritters.

Additionally, kabobs pair nicely with this salad. Look at the instructions for beef shish kabob, chicken kabobs, and salmon shish kabob if you’re seeking main dishes to go with this. In addition to the many dishes it is served with, it is highly preferred to serve kofte piyaz menu. Be sure to stop by Mama Fatma to try the kofte piyaz menu. The right address where you can eat appetizers with the most delicious piyaz presentations is Mama Fatma. Make sure to make a reservation by calling us before you come.

How To Store Leftovers?

Boiling beans can be kept in freezer bags for a very long time. Consequently, you can swiftly prepare piyaz salad. In the refrigerator, legumes can be kept for an extended period of time. The legumes can be opened and then placed in glass jars or cloth bags for storage in the refrigerator.

Can I Use Any Other Beans?

Your choice of bean is crucial, first and foremost. The navy beans are our favorites. It is offered in local markets and delicatessens. Another crucial step is for you to soak your beans the previous evening, strain the soaking water, and then bring them to a low or medium boil in fresh water. You must combine the bean liquid with equal parts sugar and salt to enhance the flavor. You must allow the beans to cool in the boiling water to prevent peeling and an unpleasant appearance. It begins to peel off if you dry it while it’s hot and then cool it down with cold water. The health of your market is crucial, too.

The beans should be prepared by adding hot water to the dish as it is cooking, despite the fact that we previously stated that they should be soaked in cold water. Both at the beginning and throughout cooking, cold water shouldn’t be introduced to the dish being prepared. The beans will take longer to cook if you add icy water to the dish that is already cooking or is about to be prepared.

How Long Does This White Bean Salad Keep?

Piyaz recipe that you can prepare in half an hour and serve on your table. When you boil the beans beforehand, it remains to mix the other ingredients to make the piyaz recipe. The following day, drain, wash, and place the beans in a pot with just enough water to cover them with two fingers. Set the pan to a boil. Controlled cooking for 30–40 minutes will result in a very soft but sturdy dish.

What Does Piyaz Mean In Turkish?

White bean salad is intended. In Persian, piyaz also means onion. Piyaz was first used under the Ottoman Empire, which stretched from North Africa to Austria. Initially, it was made with a somewhat different combination of ingredients, including potatoes, peas, artichokes, and chickpeas. In the last part of the 19th century, these components were first brought to Turkey.

Distinct parts of the nation have distinct piyaz recipes. It is made with sesame oil in the region of Antalya and is regarded as a main course rather than a side dish. Piyaz is a term used to describe an onion-mixed sumac salad in the southern regions of Turkey, including Adana.

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