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Toronto is famous for its cultural diversity, and this diversity translates into a delicious complexity that enriches the city’s gastronomic map. However, for kebab lovers, finding the best kebab place in this magical city can be an adventure. Here’s a guide that will take you on a journey across Toronto’s kebab map. Toronto is known as a city where world cuisines come together. However, it can sometimes be difficult for kebab lovers to find the right taste. In this city, where every district has its own kebab treasure, discovering who is the real kebab master is a true taste adventure. Visiting areas famous for street food in the heart of Toronto is a must. Areas such as Dundas Street and Kensington Market allow you to encounter delicious kebab aromas from different cultures as you wander between them. Kebabs prepared with fresh ingredients by street vendors bring the energy of the city to your palate. During your Toronto kebab experience, you should not pass by without stopping by traditional taste stops. Family businesses located in old residential areas and venues that have been serving for many years offer the authentic kebab taste. Trying the kebabs prepared with fresh ingredients and traditional cooking methods here is like going on a cultural tour. There are also many venues in Toronto that modernize the kebab experience. These places, known for their chefs’ creative touches and original presentations, push the limits when it comes to kebab. With their innovative kebab recipes and modern atmosphere, these places make a creative effort to please kebab lovers. Toronto’s kebab richness reflects the diversity of the city’s gastronomy scene. From street food to traditional venues and modern restaurants, each offers its own unique kebab experience. If you are a true kebab lover, you should start your kebab discovery in this delicious city as soon as possible. Discover Toronto’s kebab treasures and pamper your taste buds!

What is Kebab?

Kebab is a dish made of meat, usually cooked on a doner or skewer. Kebab, an important part of Turkish cuisine, can be prepared with various types of meat. The most common are kebabs made using beef, lamb, chicken or minced meat. Kebab is the preparation of meat by marinating it with spices and special mixtures and using a certain cooking method. These cooking methods may include various techniques such as tandoor cooking, grilling, and rotisserie cooking. Among the kebab varieties in Turkish cuisine, there are popular options such as döner kebab, adana kebab, shish kebab, iskender, shish meatballs. Kebabs are usually served with bread, but can also be served with additional flavors such as appetizers, salad or yoghurt sauce. Kebabs are one of the flavors of Turkish cuisine loved and preferred by many people around the world.

Why Should You Eat Kebab at Mama Fatma?

Toronto’s hidden gem, Mama Fatma, is not just a kebab restaurant, but also a journey of taste. So why should you eat kebab at Mama Fatma? The answer to this question opens the doors of a place that offers both a delicious and unforgettable experience: Mama Fatma offers delicious street food and traditional tastes of Turkey in every bite. Our chefs meticulously protect the hidden secrets of Turkish cuisine, from the ingredients they use to the cooking methods, so that every kebab turns into a real feast of taste. Mama Fatma takes care to use the highest quality ingredients when preparing her meals. Our meat is supplied fresh daily and of the best quality. This way, every bite is not only delicious, but also a nutritious and healthy option. Mama Fatma offers not only a dining place, but also a warm family atmosphere. Our hospitable staff works diligently to make you feel at home. While enjoying our meals, you will create unforgettable memories in a friendly atmosphere. Mama Fatma’s menu offers variety that will exceed the expectations of kebab lovers. Discover options that appeal to every palate, from Adana kebab to döner kebab, from freshly cooked lahmacun to grilled meatballs enriched with special sauces. Mama Fatma believes that taste is not only in food but also in service. Our service approach, which pays attention to fine details, works to provide you with an unforgettable kebab experience. If you choose to eat kebab at Mama Fatma, you will not only eat but also step into a pleasant adventure. This special place, where taste and hospitality meet, is a candidate to be indispensable for kebab lovers.

What are Mama Fatman’s Kebab options?


A finely chopped Skewer of Beef Adana Kebab, wrapped in a tortilla shell with onion, parsley and tomato.


A finely chopped Skewer of Chicken Adana Kebab is wrapped in a tortilla shell with onion, parsley and tomato.


1 skewer Adana Kebab, 1 skewer Chicken Adana Kebab, 1 skewer Beef Shish Kebab, 1 skewer Chicken Souvlaki, 1 skewer Chicken Wings, 2 Lamb Chops, Veal Doner, Sucuk, White Rice, Bulgur, BBQ tomatoes and peppers, Marinated Pita


2 skewers Adana Kebab, 2 skewers Chicken Adana Kebab, 2 skewers Beef Shish Kebab, 2 skewers Chicken Souvlaki, 2 skewers Chicken Wings, 4 Lamb Chops, Beef Doner, Sucuk, White Rice, Bulgur, BBQ tomatoes and peppers, Marinated Pita


Lamb and beef kebab grilled over charcoal, with bulgur, onion, barbecue tomatoes and peppers *Order must be placed 48 hours in advance.


A large skewer of Adana Kebab (Beef), salad, barbecue tomatoes, peppers and pita bread


Beef and veal are turned into thick ground meat called Zirh, enriched with lamb fat, pistachios, mozzarella cheese, and served with bread, barbecue tomatoes and peppers.


Döner kebab is served on pita bread sautéed in a pan, with fresh tomato sauce and yoghurt, barbecue tomatoes and peppers.


Served with minced meat, barbecue tomatoes, peppers, bulgur and onion salad


Served with minced meat, eggplant, barbecue tomatoes, peppers and pita bread


2 Skewers Adana Kebab (Beef), bulgur, salad, barbecue tomato, pepper and pita


2 skewers of hand-chopped chicken flavored with Turkish spices, served with rice, salad, barbecue tomatoes, peppers and pita bread


2 pieces of grilled beef, bulgur, salad, barbecue tomatoes and peppers


2 Skewers Grilled beef on a hot plate, served with barbecue tomatoes and peppers


Adana kebab skewers wrapped in lavash/bread, garlic yoghurt, spicy puree, buttered salad


A chargrilled skewer of Adana Kebab, wrapped in fresh lavash/bazlama bread, topped with tomato sauce, served with yoghurt and barbecue tomatoes and peppers.

Here the Fatma Ana’s Address and Number

Fatma Mama’s Restaurant stands out as a place that attracts attention with its delicious food and warm atmosphere. Our restaurant is located at 10385 Weston Rd, Unit 7B, Woodbridge, ON L4H 3T4. Welcoming food lovers, this place offers a rich menu that appeals to your taste. They aim to please you with their meals prepared with quality ingredients, whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Our contact information is also easy to find: +1 (905) 832-6868. If you would like to make a reservation or inquire about a special event, our friendly and helpful staff will assist you. Famous for its hospitality and delicious food, this venue is an ideal choice for those looking for a dining experience in the Woodbridge area. You can also choose us and make a reservation.

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