As was already established, the term “pide” refers to a particular style of pizza or baguette frequently dusted with sesame seeds. Vegetarian pide is made using water, flour, salt, and yeast, like most breads. However, to make the dough even softer, you must also add plain yogurt and olive oil. The pide recipe vegetarian can be any shape and might be plain or embellished. When Turkish bread gets stuffed with vegetables or meat and is fashioned like a boat, like in the recipe, we usually refer to it as a “Turkish pide vegetarian recipe” in other countries. With a salad, such as a vegetable salad or a cucumber salad with dill, pide can be served as an appetizer or a main meal. Mama Fatma is one of the places where you can find many vegetarian food near me, such as pita.

What Is Vegetarian Pide?

This Turkish pide vegetarian recipe is a sort of flat bread stuffed with filling that is also known as Turkish pizza in various countries. It has a boat-like shape, and the filling can be either vegetarian, as in this instance, or meat, most frequently minced lamb with lots of spices. It is not a problem for vegans to substitute vegan cheese or other veggies for cottage cheese or white cheese if they have eliminated milk and yogurt from their diet in addition to meat.

If you search for vegetarian food near me, we can give you an example from Akcakoca district. In the small towns of “Akçakoca”, mancarli pide from the Ottoman era is still produced. Pide recipe vegetarian with Mancar is a vegetarian food that is produced from mangal grass, which is a type of green that includes spinach and chard. A baked mancar pide is a half-moon-shaped flatbread that is 35–40 cm long, 15 cm broad, and 0.5 cm thick. It is baked in an oven. Butter is applied to it once it comes out of the oven, and it is then served with ayran.

Lahmacun dough is comparable to pita dough. Due to this, some restaurants have lahmacun and pide shops as their areas of expertise. Even if you can’t find a vegetarian restaurant, there are places where you can find vegetarian ingredients. However, it is easy to find vegetarian restaurant in Turkey, especially in the Black Sea region. In Canada, as Mama Fatma, we help you in your search for vegetarian restaurants near me. Although Mama Fatma is not a vegetarian restaurant as a concept, it is a business that offers vegetarian dishes, which occupy a large place in Turkish cuisine. For this reason, it offers vegetarian restaurants near me with the option of an a la carte reservation.

Vegetarian Pide


We divide the pita ingredients into 2 parts. First, let’s list the necessary ingredients for the pita dough.

  • 21 g fresh yeast (or 9 g instant or dry yeast) for the pide dough
  • 300 ml of tepid (maximum 38 °C) water
  • 60 kg of flour
  • Sugar, 1 teaspoon
  • Salt, 2 teaspoons
  • 60 ml of olive oil
  • 7 grams of plain yogurt

Then, the second stage consists of the necessary materials for the dough. The ingredients are, of course, vegetarian.

  • 450 g of frozen spinach or 1 kilogram of fresh spinach for the filling
  • 300 g of feta
  • 8 dill sprigs, 4 mint sprigs
  • 8 flat-leaf parsley sprigs
  • Garlic cloves, two
  • Almond oil
  • 3 eggs with salt and pepper plus 1 yolk
  • Sesame seeds, black pepper

Vegetarian Pide

How To Make Vegetarian Pide?

  • Make the dough by blending the yeast and sugar in the gently warmed water. Keep an eye out for surface bubbles. After pouring the oil, stir. The flour should be sifted, then added along with salt and cumin seeds. Fill the center well you’ve made with the liquid components. Form an elastic, smooth dough ball, wrap it in a clean cloth, and set it aside for 30 to 40 minutes to rest and rise. In the interim, make the filler. Place the tomatoes briefly in a pot of boiling water. At the base, make an insignificant cross-shaped incision in the skin beforehand.
  • Peel and slice them into fine pieces after removing them from the water with the help of a slotted spoon. To create a smoother sauce, you can also combine them. White garlic and onions should be chopped, then fried in fat until tender. Over low to medium heat, add the tomatoes, salt, and spices. Cook the marinade until it has reduced, about 15 minutes. You can add water if your tomatoes aren’t particularly juicy. Broccoli should be blanched for 6-7 minutes while the marinade is boiling before being chopped finely. Cut the pickles and peppers into little bits.
  • Make two equal portions of the dough that have already risen. On the kitchen counter, spread each one out and top with semolina or a mixture of coarse corn flour, like for kachamak. It will give the pastry a wonderful crunchiness in addition to preventing sticking. The layers should be formed into an oval shape with an upper limit of 4-5 mm. Spread tomato puree on each pie without going over the sides, then top with pickles, cottage cheese, peppers, then crumble cheese, or whatever else you want between the layers. On top, arrange red onion slices that have been thinly sliced.
  • Invert the edges and pull a little bit lengthwise. Sprinkle some salt, a few drops of lemon juice, and a little olive oil on top. After waiting for 15 minutes, place them in a preheated 250° oven. The baking of the pide boats will take about 10 to 15 minutes. When they are prepared, the edges will change to a dark golden color.

How To Serve Vegetarian Pide?

Warm the vegetarian pide before serving, and enjoy it by itself or with other foods or sauces. They taste fantastic when we serve them with garlic sauce. Tomatoes, red peppers, and cheddar cheese are included. Thus, it is hot and served sliced.

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