Mediterranean Dishes
Discover Mediterranean Dishes In Mama Fatma Restaurant

In the world of gastronomy, Mediterranean cuisine offers a journey of taste with its friendly atmosphere and delicious dishes. If you want to go on this delicious journey, Mama Fatma Restaurant is just for you! This place, which brings together the most special dishes of the Mediterranean with Fatma Mama’s tremendous handcraft and experience, invites your taste buds to a Mediterranean adventure. Mama Fatma chooses the highest quality and freshest ingredients when preparing her meals. You will find the best products of the Mediterranean in every dish. Our restaurant uses traditional hand craftsmanship and special recipes when preparing its meals. Each dish is prepared with love and care. Mama Fatma Restaurant is famous not only for its flavors but also for its warm and friendly atmosphere. Eating here is like being at a family table.

What are the characteristics of Mediterranean Food?

Mediterranean cuisine is a culinary tradition known for its healthy, delicious and diverse dishes. Features of this cuisine include the following elements. The main fat source of Mediterranean cuisine is olive oil. Olive oil is a healthier and lighter option compared to other oils. It is used in many dishes, from salads to main dishes. Mediterranean cuisine uses seasonal and fresh ingredients. Vegetables, fruits, herbs and seafood offer a rich variety in every season. The Mediterranean has rich marine resources and therefore fish and seafood are indispensable for Mediterranean cuisine. A variety of fish and fresh seafood adds flavor to many recipes. Spices add a characteristic flavor to Mediterranean dishes. Spices such as olive oil, garlic, thyme, rosemary, mint, cumin and lemon are frequently used. Grains and legumes such as bulgur, rice and lentils have an important place in Mediterranean cuisine. Bulgur is frequently used, especially in salads and main dishes. The Mediterranean region is a geography where citrus fruits grow. Lemon, orange and grapefruit add flavor to many dishes and drinks. Additionally, wine is an important beverage in Mediterranean cuisine. Mediterranean cuisine is generally known for its light and healthy dishes. This diet, which includes vegetables, legumes, olive oil and fish, is associated with longevity and healthy living. Meals are usually served with light sauces and various appetizers. Appetizers such as hummus, baba ganoush, and tzatziki are indispensable for Mediterranean tables.

Mediterranean Dishes in Our Restaurant

We invite you to Mama Fatma Restaurant to introduce your palate to the warmth and flavors of the Mediterranean. Our restaurant offers the best dishes of Mediterranean cuisine with carefully selected ingredients, traditional hand craftsmanship and a friendly atmosphere. As Mama Fatma Restaurant, we offer a wide range of Mediterranean cuisine in our menu. We enriched our menu with olive oil appetizers, fresh fish, kebabs, healthy grain dishes and delicious salads.

Not only the taste of our dishes, but also the visual feast awaits you. Colorful and attractive presentations are waiting for you at the tables of Mama Fatma Restaurant. Mama Fatma Restaurant is famous not only for its food but also for its traditional Mediterranean atmosphere. We will be happy to host you with our warm team and friendly atmosphere. Come and embark on a delicious journey of the Mediterranean at Mama Fatma Restaurant. We are waiting for you for healthy, delicious and enjoyable moments. Mama Fatma Restaurant brings the warmth and taste of the Mediterranean to your tables. Visit us for a good meal, a nice experience and pleasant conversation!


Mama Fatma Salad offers a perfect combination of fresh tomatoes, green pepper, red onion, walnuts, parsley, olive oil and pomegranate sauce. With its colorful and healthy ingredients, this salad brings the energy and flavor of the Mediterranean to your table. Each one will take you to the Mediterranean coast.


Stuffed Grape Leaves represents a traditional feast of taste, blended with rice, olive oil and onion. Each stuffed dish offers a unique taste of Mediterranean cuisine, prepared with fine craftsmanship.


Greek Salad, crowned with fresh lettuce, mixed spring onions, tomatoes, olives, feta cheese and Greek sauce, offers a healthy and satisfying option. Each ingredient creates explosions of flavor in exquisite harmony.


Eggplant Salad will add to your loss and savings with the magnificent texture of roasted eggplant and its special sauce. Olive oil and spices add the distinctive Mediterranean flavor to this salad.


Haydari, Labneh yoghurt enriched with garlic, dried mint and olive oil, offers an intense and refreshing starter. You will feel the refreshing touch of the Mediterranean in one spoon of it


Vegetarian Pita blended with eggplant, onion, pepper, tomato and mozzarella cheese offers a light and satisfying option to your table with the delicious texture of the dough and the fresh vegetables inside.


Cold Meze Pancho, consisting of fried potatoes, eggplant, yoghurt, garlic and carrots, brings together different flavors and offers a unique variety to your table.


4 chicken wings marinated on charcoal grill show Mama Fatma’s grilling mastery. Chicken wings mixed with spices will take your palate to a taste dream when you bite it.

Mama Fatma Restaurant invites you to this delicious adventure. He tastes the freshest and most special flavors of the Mediterranean, chooses a table to have pleasant moments in a friendly atmosphere and comes out of hiding with this full of taste. An unforgettable Mediterranean experience awaits you!

Where to Eat the Best Mediterranean Food in Toronto?

Toronto is a city known for its rich culture and diversity, and Mama Fatma Restaurant offers a wonderful experience combining this diversity with Mediterranean cuisine. Here are five reasons to go on a Mediterranean journey in Toronto with Mama Fatma’s special tastes;

Mama Fatma Restaurant is a place that takes you to the Mediterranean not only with its flavors but also with its atmosphere. It creates a Mediterranean holiday with its colorful celebrations, warm lighting and friendly atmosphere.

The restaurant’s seafood menu is a fest with fresh fish and special sauces. Each seafood is brought to your table with Mama Fatma’s mastery and freshness guarantee.

The Mama Fatma Restaurant team is waiting for you to discover Mediterranean flavors in Toronto, providing a friendly and hospitable service. A guest is greeted like a friend and given special attention to ensure they have a wonderful dining experience.

Toronto’s best Mediterranean food was served at Mama Fatma Restaurant. Unforgettable tastes, a warm atmosphere and friendly service await you. Make a reservation now to enjoy the features of the city and the Mediterranean and have a delicious exit!

Address and Contact Information of our Restaurant:

Address: 10385 Weston Rd, Unit 7B, Woodbridge, ON L4H 3T4

Phone: +1 (905) 832-6868

You can contact us and order or reserve. Bon Appetit in advance.


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