Indulge in the savory delight of our signature grilled Kusleme dish, bursting with flavor and cooked to perfection.

Lamb tenderloin is the common name for it. In this dish, the beef is marinated. It’s meat that you can’t get enough of, similar to Turkish delight. In the pan, it cooks like Turkish delight in a matter of minutes. Come with me to the kitchen, so we can show you how to make kusleme at home.

What Is Kusleme?

The centre of the lamb’s back, from both sides of the backbone, is sliced for Kusleme. The sole piece of flesh above the lamb’s kidneys that faces inwards is the kusleme, which is close to the fillet and chop portions of the carcass. Locals prepare the Gaziantep Kusleme Kebab by marinating meat in salt and olive oil and grilling it. For a long time, Gaziantep has made and enjoyed Kusleme Kebab. A kebab prepared with kusleme is known as a kusleme kebab. The flesh known as Kusleme, often referred to as lamb tenderloin, may be taken from a lamb in just two pieces, each measuring about two fingers in thickness and weighing anywhere between 150 and 200 g.

It is typically sold in chunks or pieces rather than by weight because to its scarcity and high price. Due to its lack of nerves, it is oil-free and incredibly silky. Restoring physical energy is another advantage of wintering for health. Küşleme has very high nutritional benefits but is relatively heavy in calories. 100 grams of kusleme have 220 calories in them. Protein toxicity results from over intake.


  • Lamb Kusleme weighing 600 grams
  • Yogurt, two tablespoons
  • 1/fourth cup tomato paste
  • Honey, 1 tablespoon
  • two tablespoons of olive oil, one small onion’s juice
  • roasted pepper
  • Salt

Where To Eat Best Kusleme In Toronto?

In Gaziantep cuisine, where mutton is specifically favored, Kusleme has a significant role. It can be found on the menus of eateries that serve regional food or meats. Kusleme can be purchased from butchers and made at home, but it can also be obtained in the delicatessen areas of some stores in major cities. One of the best places to eat Kusleme outside of Gaziantep is Mama Fatma. It brings most of the Turkish dishes to your tables in their most delicious form. Moreover, you will feel like you are in Gaziantep while eating kusleme at Mama Fatma! You can order kusleme from the à la carte menu. All you have to do is make a reservation by calling before you arrive.

How To Make Kusleme?

Put the lamb kusleme in a big basin after chopping it into chunks. Yogurt, tomato paste, olive oil, honey, onion juice, black pepper, and salt should all be combined to make the marinade sauce. Over the meat, pour the sauce you made. Use your hands to thoroughly combine the meat with the sauce. Airtightly wrap stretch film around the meat. For about an hour, let the meat cool in the refrigerator. Place the pan on the gas burner and fully warm it. Cook the meat well on both sides. The meat you prepared can also be cooked on the barbeque, if you so want.

Kusleme has a delicate consistency and a structure that is perfect for cooking because it is a meat free of nerves. Kusleme can be made in about 20 minutes. This time is divided between 15 minutes of cooking and 5 minutes of preparation. Before cooking, all meats are mixed with lemon, milk, garlic, yogurt, and sometimes other spices, depending on the type of meat, and then given a considerable amount of time to rest to lessen the hardness (also known as “rotting”). Nevertheless, kusleme can be prepared with a variety of spices or concoctions because it is a naturally tender and excellent meat. It is not required to be used. When the right cooking technique is used, meat that is very flavorful and has a soft feel that melts in your mouth is produced.

How To Serve Kusleme?

Don’t miss the sumac salad that is provided before supper because it serves as a prelude to this amazing flavor. Kusleme’s quality and distinctiveness are both influenced by the seasoning and cooking procedures. If red meat products are taken in the recommended amounts for a balanced diet, it provides the most a healthy diet program. With the advantages of roasting, it is the best choice for the health advantages of lamb meat.

Kusleme is the most outstanding variety of lamb meat in terms of health advantages because to its limitless and low-fat qualities. The red meat product that is highest in vitamins and minerals is lamb. Kusleme is typically preferred in pan grills and barbecues. It can be prepared by merely adding salt because it is both exceptionally solid and very soft. It will present its true flavor because no other flavors will have been added to it.

How To Store Kusleme?

Kusleme is a rich protein source, so it’s crucial to know how to keep it without letting it lose its nutritional worth. Kusleme meat should be stored properly in the refrigerator if it won’t be consumed right away. Lamb kusleme can be maintained in the refrigerator as long as its water does not come into touch with it frequently, which is the answer to the issue of how to store lamb kusleme.

Although it may be kept between six and twelve months in the deep freezer, the changes it goes through during this time cause it to lose a significant amount of its nutritious content. It can be kept unopened in the sealed package for 4 days at 0 to 4 degrees in the refrigerator and for 3 months at -18 degrees in the freezer.

What Foods Goes To Best With Kusleme?

There are many recipes in various culinary traditions that use this unique meat, yet it is advised to grill it without adding any spices. Depending on choice and taste, kuşleme dishes can also be prepared with comparable garnishes and sauces, such as soy, asparagus, and cauliflower. Rice pilaf can be paired with lamb kusleme.

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